What Makes a Dentist Successful: 7 Commonalities to Think About

Yes…it’s true. I have more “business of dentistry” perspective than any person walking the earth. I know that’s a bold statement. However, the reason is quite simple, factual even. I engage in an extremely personal level with my clients, the most personal experience of any approach inside of our great industry.

This is done in so many different layers, so I see “inside” of what’s going on of thousands of practices, talk intimately and individually with hundreds, and then choose the best fitting clients based on my 5 P’s to success…passion, personality, principles, philosophy, and prosperity of the Dentist and his/her life.

All of this requires a lot of work on MY part and takes a great deal of research, commitment, understanding, ambition, and digging very deep into the information and insight of what makes a Dentist and Team and Patients and Practice successful because I know it is about achieving “growth” and development on all of these levels.

Because of this I get a widespread perspective that any person with any intellect or desire to work to achieve their greatest potential would value. Because it’s not my opinion or some one-size-fits-all solution, it’s incredibly specific, accurate, and holistic in my prescriptive methodology and personalized in my analysis and suggested and deliberately designed blueprint for your Personal and Professional objectives.

Dentists knowing this always ask me and pose the question… “Why am I stuck?” or “Why am I not achieving better results?” or “Why do I feel like it’s groundhog day everyday where I live the same cycle day, week, month, year in and out again and again?”

They want to know HOW do I break free, break loose, break through to the next level, WHATEVER that “LEVEL” is…production, people, patients, profits, etc.

While I do not like to generalize because that goes against my entire philosophy, there are of course commonalities to the most successful Dentists and Practices and I separate those two things out very intentionally. Because they are different. You can’t have one without the other, perhaps, but they are NOT the same thing.

Today what I thought I would do is tell you what I see as the most common traits of success or ways of thinking about Dentists and their Practices as general statements.

And then, next week, for a very SPECIAL Valentine’s Day PROFIT REPORT I’m going to break down the exact (and I do mean exact) qualities of the BEST and most Loving Relationships between a Dentists and their Practice, Patients, and People.

I will lay it all out there on the line and share like the qualities of a happy, ‘successful’ marriage adding to the significance of your life. There are ways that a Dentist best gets along with, reaps a reward from, and gives back to the 3-P’s that make up their professional life.

It’s going to be evolutionary and transformational when you read it, I promise that.

Today. Commonalities summed up for both the Dentist and their Practice.

The most ‘successful’ dentists and I say that understanding that everyone has a different definition of success, so I would describe it as the happiest Dentists I know who do not worry for money, or lack for peace of mind, are excited and passionate about what they are doing and look forward to the future.

A. They have a philosophy of dentistry, a method to their madness if you will, they know who and what they are and how they want to treat patients.

B. They are positive, upbeat, not necessarily outgoing, just generally personable and they work at this, actually becoming more engaging and interacting with their team and patients, they consider this part of honing their craft, the people side of clinical dentistry.

C. They have purpose and ambition, something to work for, someone, family, hobbies, charities… there is a driving force behind fueling their energy and motivation.

D. They are hungry…for more…to do better, to grow, to earn more, to continue to expand their skills and to challenge themselves. THEY WANT TO WIN as any peak performer would desire to do, if they are indifferent, so is everyone else.

E. They are their own toughest critic, they push themselves and are demanding on themselves first, therefore earn the right to be the same way with everyone around them.

F. They view their true responsibility to TREAT patients not just “see” Patients; to drive outcomes. Now, this is all over the board depending on “A” listed above so you can’t judge one type of dentist from another, however, whatever you decide to be your “core principles” or style or method of Dentistry, for the best, it’s not enough to talk about it or tell a patient, they want to be DOING IT, getting acceptance, follow-through, completion and they are obsessed about a patient taking dentistry seriously and moving forward.

G. Last but not least, they focus on their strengths and let others focus on theirs, they seek guidance and insight from others (obviously, self-serving and rightfully so) they know that all of the items listed above are not possible or as rewarding without the “business side” of Dentistry also being a focal point and well run, oiled, and organized, systemized, and deliberately constructed to fit their “A-F” characteristics. I’m available to you to help on any of these points and share my perspective, it should be obvious my value to you and worthy of at least a conversation if you take this seriously and are open to improvements in any way.

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Okay, well, that’s a lot so I’m going to save everything else for next week. I know this drives your own personal self-reflection and that is one of the most important traits of the most successful. Take a good hard look at the person in the mirror, not critically, just in terms of having accurate thinking and leading the charge and movement to grow and improve and push yourself.

I’m sure you can walk through A-G and see where their might be areas to ponder deeper, to assess more thoroughly, to realign your values with your efforts, and otherwise ensure you are really focused, happy, and living, working, performing in an optimal way to reap the benefits and lifestyle you so rightfully deserve for all you have done, are doing, and will continue in your pursuit of excellence and passion for this amazing profession and industry and way of life and health and service to all those you lead, care for and influence.