Your Battle Plan for Leveraging the Advantages of Private Practice Dentistry

Last week, after my exclusive Whiteboard Session all about the Power of Private Practice, one of my dearest friends and greatest champions, Dr. Larry Kaplan (who has spent five decades in dentistry) said it was the best battle plan for leveraging the advantages private practice provides.

Now, Dr. Kaplan happens to be one of the most gracious men I’ve ever met and always sees the positive in everything. So, whether or not it’s truly ‘that good’ of a definitive blueprint for you to accentuate your power, you be the judge…

You can see the replay here…

I actually uncovered the three key levers you must pull if you want to put the Power of Private Practice to work for you. They are profound and carry the magnitude to transform your practice in terms of profitability and control over the way you deliver dentistry.

The result of these powers are two things that I want for every one of my doctors…

Prominence and Dominance.

These two words are the tickets to doing dentistry on your own terms. They prevent you from being categorized alongside every other ordinary practice in your city and allow you flip the script on commoditized dentistry to health transformation.

Whether that’s TMJ and Sleep or Oral Surgery or Perio or Full Arch Smile Makeovers or Restorative Complete Health Dentistry… It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you do, it matters ‘how’ you do it.

And during my Whiteboard Session I unveiled the ‘how’ transformation. I shared with you the one difference that, once made, changes everything from how much money you make to how much you have to work for it and how much fun you have making it.

This is the precise thing nearly every practice owner gets wrong. It has to do with chasing numbers and establishing arbitrary goals and using metrics that don’t matter that ultimately hold you back in every way.

You will forever be beneath your potential as long as you run your practice like ‘the industry standard’ and you stay stuck on the cycle of production and collections.

No more. Not once you master my reverse engineering structure and multiply your time value, your dental value, your profit value, and most of all your impact value.

When you have total alignment, you can do twice as much in half the time. Try it… I actually walk you through clinical examples and extrapolations.

It’s about working smarter not harder and understanding the business principles and leverage points that unleash your power as a private practice owner. This is how you can unlock the next level of autonomy, independence, fun, and freedom in your practice.

Watch the on-demand replay of my Whiteboard Session on the Power of Private Practice and pursue the path to prominence and dominance in dentistry today.

Now, we’ve spent a lot of time working how to take advantages of the Power of Private Practice. However, there is another side to this Power coin. A side that dwindles your power, weakens your practice, and destroys your impact with patients.

This is your kryptonite… far more volatile than cryto-currency because this one is worse. It takes real assets and destroys its value.

These are the threats that make the powerful weak. Capable of taking superhero practices and reducing them to mere ordinary mortals.

In the past, I’ve talked about some of your most dangerous kryptonite being your own self-limiting beliefs, your complacency, and any sabotaging behavior.

In this Weekly Report I want to emphasize a form of kryptonite that threatens even the most ardent practices. Those practices who are successful more often than not and yet this can ruin their momentum and suppress their potential. It is…


When processes within your practice don’t align, they subtract from anything that was done in the first place to position you and to initiate a powerful patient experience. Whether that’s the intake process, the diagnostic process, the way insurance is handled, or how treatment plans are presented.

Nothing erodes patient belief and buy-in like contradictions and confusion.

These can come in the form of team members, attitudes, ineffective systems, missed protocols, rushed schedules, or incomplete conversations. Do not let these finer details, these nuances of great significance undermine your success.

Think about how you talk to your patients, how you convey information throughout your experience, how you discuss treatment opportunities to help your patients get healthy, how you present the investment, and quite literally every single point of contact.

Is everyone using the same verbiage, sharing the same clinical philosophy, and building upon the previous interactions? All of this is what builds rapport and establishes trust with the patient.

If there are days, weeks, or months where you think you did everything perfectly – and yet treatment failed to materialize – is it most certainly an issue of consistency.

When you master the basics and become more congruent from start to finish with your patient engagement, you magnify your power – rather than weaken it.

We are going to continue this conversation on protecting your new-found Powers of Private Practice next week. In the meantime, begin your study and detailed review of my exclusive Whiteboard Session.

See how you stack up and if you are embracing the Three Pillars of Power and using every one of the strategies that I share with you plus flipping the switch on the breakthrough formula for your prosperity and peace of mind in your Private Practice.

Watch the On-Demand Replay of my Practice Success Whiteboard Session…

“The Undeniable Power of Private Practice Dentistry”

Discover Why There’s Never Been a BETTER Time To Abandon Insurance-Bound,
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