How to Celebrate Independence This July 4th

As you wake up today heading into a weekend celebration of Independence and you remember those that made it possible, I want to also draw your reflection to yourself.

Whether it’s a recent memory or a distant one, you chose not just to become a doctor but an Independent Private Practice Dentist owning your own business.

You are indeed a celebration of America, in and of yourself. Congratulations! You should feel deep pride for what you’ve created and, with that, an even stronger sense of resolve to continue to control your life, your practice, and your future.

In honor of Independence Day, I’m releasing my newest (and quite possibly best) book – The Four Freedoms of Dentistry – that happens to be a battle plan for prosperity that counters the threats to our industry and the tumultuous unpredictable economy that lies ahead.

More than anything else, it’s a pathway to freedom for Independent Private Practice Owners who refuse to simply declare victory just for owning a business and are determined to redefine what true independence can mean.

Consider this my personal 4th of July gift to you…

Get Your Free Copy of My New Book: The Four Freedoms of Dentistry…

Now, I have a question to ask you…

How independent are you, really?

Before you answer that. Let’s take a step back and make this our most interactive Weekly Report ever with a little personal development and practice building workshop in an article as we head into the long July 4th weekend.

Let’s start with: what does independence mean to you?

I’m sure a few words come to mind… freedom, prosperity, capitalism, rights, choices. I like to think of… responsibility, control, on my own terms. Of course, there is… life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

Next question, as it relates to your own pursuit of happiness… what was your driving motivation to become an Independent Private Practice Owner?

You could have stopped at “doctor,” you could have stopped at “private practice,” but instead you kept pursuing something for some reason. If not independence, then what?

With that decision in the past, how’s that working out for you? What do you love about it? What could be better?

Are you as independent as you had hoped, dreamed, thought, planned, and expected?

Answer that one from the heart. It’s likely not all negative. Chances are, after all you are here reading this with me, you have achieved a great deal. You might look back at the start of your career and say you are far more successful, making more money, doing exciting dentistry, and loving the life you’ve created by helping patients get healthy – than you ever thought possible.

No matter where you are on your journey, I know there’s certainly a lot to celebrate.

But (and there is always that but), for the champions of the world, for the ambitious doctors, the private practice owners, there’s always something left to conquer or correct, achieve or adjust.

I’m sure not everything is exactly as you’d like. Perhaps there are a great many things, perhaps you feel you give up too much for what you get in return, or perhaps your life is at the mercy of your practice rather than the other way around.

This is why I’ve spent the past few months writing The Four Freedoms of Dentistry. In order to help Private Practice Doctors get back in control. That only happens by challenging the status quo, not settling for less than you deserve, questioning what’s next, and doing it all by your own definition of independence.

Which leads to the last question for today… how can you become even more independent?

Some doctors go big picture such as passive income, not dependent on your practice, and prioritize a lifestyle. Other doctors might want more opportunities to do the dentistry they enjoy and do less of what they dislike. Some might prefer to focus on earning more money to fund other hobbies, charities, or family vacations. Or there are those who just wish they could be home earlier and have dinner as a family.

Any of it can be independence, if you so choose. What else is the point of owning your practice if it doesn’t provide you with that you desire most?

This July 4th, make the decision to level up your independence in your practice and in your life. I’m talking about making deliberate, guilt-free decisions about living, enjoying, expanding, and enhancing the freedoms that independent private practice ownership makes possible for you.

There are specific ways to achieve greater levels of independence from your practice as a business – and you have control over every one of them. As you’ll read in your free copy of my brand-new book: The Four Freedoms of Dentistry… the core pillars are Fees and Insurance, Time and Schedule, Profit and Income, Team and Turnover.

Every single one act as a catalyst for more of what you want. And your ability to control each aspect is only possible because you have remained independent, you are in private practice, you are your own doctor, your own entrepreneur, and responsible for your own outcomes and life.

You can get started by grabbing my just-released book. This is my gift to you, in honor of Independence Day. You’ll discover my step-by-step plan for letting your ultimate freedom ring…

Your Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Awaits…

I know we share a never-ending gratitude for America, what it stands for, and all those who made it possible. Wave the Flag proudly as you continue to lift up the community around you, make a better life for all those you impact, and serve as a shining example of what freedom can truly mean.

I’m proud of you and honored to be here as your champion of independence and prosperity. And this holiday, I say, what better way to celebrate your independence than by creating more of it.

Wishing You a Happy and Safe Fourth of July!