How to Turn Your Patients Into Better Buyers

On this day known as Black Friday, when the greatest infusion of consumer spending into the economy takes place, we’re about to discover just how ‘bad’ things really are.

But you know what? I’ll make this prediction. People won’t stop buying.

They will be out there today just like they always are because people want to be buyers and they won’t let the government, economy, politics, or anything else stand in their way.

There’s the first lesson of the day. You are either an obstacle to or a facilitator of opportunity.

If you get out of the way of money and the patients who want to invest in their health, you can open the flood gates to the prosperity your patients are capable of providing to your practice. The truth is, most practices are just all dammed up. They are in their own way which means in the way of their patients too.

I can promise you two things…

One, Black Friday won’t illustrate just how deeply problematic the economy actually is… make no mistake the recession is coming and there’s no one out there today saving any money back for your Christmas list, they are spending it as fast as they can on theirs.

Two, even with all of that said, my other promise is… we can fix it fast and forever when you embrace everything I’m about to share with you right here.

Plus, as a special gift for Black Friday, I’m launching my brand-new Recession Proof Practice Plan Advanced Video Training Series. This is my gift to you that will keep on giving through the recession and beyond…

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Now, for today, let’s talk about your consumer, your customer, the people we call patients…

As you would expect, the common theme I’m asked about almost on a daily basis is “how to get better patients” and that is very specific because most doctors who come to me are smart enough to know that it’s not about more new patients, but about better.

However, this begets one major challenge, when you focus only on the variable instead of the constant you end up with unpredictable results. The variable is of course the patient, the constant is you.

And one of the most powerful secrets in dentistry is that the experience makes the patient instead of the patient making the experience.

This is the single greatest switch any practice can ever make, both doctor and team, in order to understand that you actually have complete control over the outcome from diagnosis to case acceptance to insurance to cash-flow to how dentistry gets done and scheduled.

When you grasp this concept, you’ll realize that from the phone call to the clinical experience to how treatment is presented, you actually make patients better or worse with the words, actions, engagements, tools, technologies, and education that you use.

I prove it every single day by taking any doctor, team, practice who is used to an average case value, visit value, patient value and with just a few tweaks, some strategic engineering, and communication improvements, they are able to double every one of these values and gain dramatic leverage.

Here’s the most important thing about this… the patients didn’t change. You changed. You got better and therefore as a result your patients got better.

In saying all of that a few weeks ago, I told you very openly and honestly about the challenges that the recession brings for patients that make it more difficult for them to financially be able to afford larger investments. You are seeing this now already.

You might experience patients wanting to delay dentistry more often or resist with more vigor or they simply might be doubling down on the excuse of not being able to afford it. Many people are getting squeezed tighter now because of rising prices on everything they consume on a daily basis.

There are also people who have over extended themselves with credit cards or might even be making less money than they were a year ago. Certainly, their money doesn’t stretch as far as it did a few years ago.

These are all real dynamics that are only going to get worse. Therefore, you must be prepared for it.

Good news, I have taken the time to put together a very powerful, very timely, very comprehensive, and very advanced recession-busting and practice-profiting video training course designed specifically to prepare you for the challenges ahead…

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I begin with Recession Proof Patients where I go into specific detail of how to get patients to accept more dentistry even when they think they can’t. I share with you one very specific mindset switch (a paradigm shift both for you and for them), that will have you actually increasing your case acceptance and growing your collections during a down economy.

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Here are the facts.

There are better patients out there. This is defined by people who are motivated to get healthy. They are self-aware or at least know there is something they want to improve. They tend to be more proactive people.

Yet, this alone is not enough because they have to be able not just willing to actually afford the investment in their health that you are going to layout for them. You achieve this with a very specific approach that I go into detail on in the very first Video.

The bigger principle that I’m emphasizing to you today and what I want you to walk away with is… You can’t expect patients to arrive ready. You have to get them ready by way of your patient experience.

A near-magical transformation occurs when a patient becomes enlightened to what is possible by you and your dentistry. When they are finally given permission for what they deserve and why it matters so much to their life.

This makes investments in their health more valuable and more feasible. This can’t happen if you are focused on prices and procedures or you are succumbing to insurance to make it easy on patients.

Instead, the opposite of that must be true. We focus less on dollars and more on sense. Please never forget this… what you focus on, the patient will focus on.

If you appeal to their good sense and not to their dollars and cents, you will find far fewer barriers to treatment acceptance.

This is why it almost always comes back to what you and your team are doing to sabotage before the patient even has an opportunity to say yes or no.

This is your opportunity to give your experience a once-over from start to finish. Instead of looking for shortcuts or easy buttons; do the opposite and get better at being more influential and staying true to your core principles by improving your experience. When you get better your patients get better.

If you don’t make the commitment now to become recession proof, you’ll certainly be recession prone as you grind it out every day. On the other hand, if you decide to be out ahead of the challenges, you will be setting record months when everyone else is feeling hopeless.

I’ve got a lot more to say about all of this… you can get access to my complete Recession Proof Practice Plan Video Course right now (of course, for free, as just another benefit to hanging around right here with me).

If you are ready to let money, treatment, health, and opportunity flow uninhibited in your practice, use this Black Friday as your motivation to make your practice “in the black” all year long – no matter the economy that lies ahead.