Is Your Practice Providing Everything You Deserve?

When I wrote my first book, The Dental Practice Shift, I was standing up and fighting for the Private Practice Independent Dentist and I am still fighting today.

My mission was simple… to inspire, embolden, and support doctors to take back control over their practices and their lives. To stop doing dentistry the same way as everyone else and to restore your entrepreneurial vision of freedom by choosing how you practice.

You can achieve any of your goals – whether financial, schedule, team, procedures, you name it – as long as you have the right strategies and formulas in place. You can break the link between time and money, production and collections, practice size and profit.

This is where my focus has been and always be… ensuring doctors achieve a state of ideal across all facets of their practice and life.

I cover every of The Four Freedoms of Dentistry in my latest book that is particularly relevant and time sensitive for today. Right now, you need these tools to stay independent and not get dragged down by the economic pressures and fast changing circumstances around you.

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You will always have to work for and earn what you want, naturally. However, you have control over and can make deliberate choices about what that is, what it looks like, and when you do it.

It is this approach and mentality that allows you to be constantly pushing the limits, expanding your vision, fueling your ambition, and breaking through to the next level.

This month’s theme might be freedom and independence, but I focus on this with my doctors 365 days a year. And we are constantly working, calculating, strategizing on ways to move the needle in all of these areas.

It began with an initial vision, goals, and dreams of the future and making very deliberate decisions about where to go next, where to end up, and how success is measured.

That’s when I deploy my process of Reverse Engineering. It’s not just about money math, that’s the easy part, it’s about so much more.

What you love about your practice, we’ll keep that. What you don’t like so much or truly don’t want to do or deal with anymore, let’s get rid of that.

Then we go to anything about your schedule, your daily routine, a week in the life that should be different. And that, of course, leads to vacations and bucket lists.

This coincides with my belief of “life along the way” in parallel to your practice and career growth.

So many people put off the big things they want to do, be, have, buy, experience until they “have more time,” or “have more money,” instead of just figuring out how to do it all now.

Why would you wait until you no longer own the income-producing asset of your practice to start spending down the money you saved up over your lifetime. That is why I always say the practice is supposed to make all the other things possible in your life.

The point of being a private practice independent doctor is for the business to be the vehicle to take you all the places you want to go in your life and enable you to do all the things you want to do.

I say this in some form every week, right here, but I’ll say it again… Until you have clarity of purpose, intentional in planning, and conviction to process in order to establish a business engine that makes all of these things possible – you will be stuck below your potential and settling for far less than you are capable of.

Sometimes you have to back up to really see the whole picture.

As example, what would you do with more time? Perhaps just an hour a day, morning or night. What would you put inside of that hour that would be best for you, more fulfilling, and have you looking forward to it?

How about your health? If you thought of one thing you could commit to right now that would give you more energy or improve your well-being, what would that look like?

What about your relationships? What about income, cash flow, and wealth? What enhancements, improvements, changes, adjustments, or increases would you grant yourself if nothing was off limits or out of reach?

All of this aligns to give you more drive, more desire, and more direction. And you need all three of these if any of it can become reality.

My challenge for you is this: don’t stop at just reading this, don’t stop at just thinking about this. Write down your goals as you see them right now for every aspect of your life. It’s July 2022, what will be different by January 2023 for you?

I want you to be at your state of ideal and then just enjoy it. Not feel like you have to constantly change or fix things or do anything because someone else says so. But to get to this point, you have to take complete responsibility for yourself, your practice, and your life.

And then you have to commit to setting yourself free… from everything holding you back.

My new book serves as your personal playbook to do exactly that. A battle plan that sets you free so that you can have all the independence and lifestyle you deserve.

Get Your Free Copy of My New Book: The Four Freedoms of Dentistry

What I want you to get out of this Weekly Report is straight forward. Every one of these aspects of your life and practice are linked together. It requires them all and all require your deliberate attention. The more purposeful and intentional you are, the more freedom and independence you will experience.

You can’t have anything in your life if you don’t have time. Everyone has 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The difference is what you do with them and how you invest them through discipline and decision.

You can’t enjoy anything in your life if you don’t have health. I’m talking about both staying well with regards to illness but also creating endless energy. Being more proactive with your health is the smartest investment you can make because it makes all the other forms of wealth and freedom worth more.

And, of course, nothing is more powerful than your financial freedom because it buys you that autonomy of choice to do whatever you want with everything else. Be intentional about making more money because it’s necessary to help make all the other things possible.

There are three most important principles when it comes to this.

First mindset. You won’t make more money than your mindset allows.

Second motivation. You won’t ever out earn the limit you put on what you want the money for.

Third method. You’ve got to have the right practice structure that you not only enjoy, but is designed to make the income that funds the rest of your lifestyle.

And all three of these are where we are headed next week. In the meantime, you’ve got work to do on your path to freedom.

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