Power and Profit for the Impatient Practice Owner

It’s official. My recent training A Radically Better Way To Practice Dentistry has given doctors the permission and the confidence to think bigger than they ever have before. I’ve provided a very clear path for any type of practice or model of dentistry to follow that will reliably bring the Four Freedoms to life for you as an independent private practice owner with immediate results.

If you missed my intense work session doctors are calling a “Master Class in Practice Independence” then go here and bookmark this page, set aside 90-minutes to do a deep dive study of it and take your Four Freedoms to the next level…

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Now, I don’t expect every doctor in the country to rush to the training and spend the time necessary to watch, study, and apply these principles. Heck, the vast majority won’t notice or pay attention or actually do anything. Some might say, “I’ll get around it eventually,” but they never do.

They chose long ago to be stuck in their ways, to be satisfied with what is, to run the race at a tolerable pace, to accept the status quo – all from fearing that their own ambition might drive them to break out of their comfort zone, speed up the clock, and achieve something they’ll actually enjoy far more.

I know after a couple decades in, Doctors see what they want to see. Believe what they want to believe. Really, it’s better said that they don’t see what they don’t want to see, refuse to believe what they don’t want to believe.

You however are different, you do the opposite. You charge ahead knowing that better does exist. You thrive off new ways to grow, evolve, improve, breakthrough in order to overcome your obstacles and discover the possibilities that dentistry can create.

And you do it now, not later. After all, time is of the essence and there isn’t a moment to waste. Why wait until tomorrow (that likely never comes) to make the progress you know you are capable of today?

This is what powers your success, this is what fuels your ambition… this expectation, this need, this demand, this belief that it is not only possible but possible right now.

Last week, I shared the Four Freedoms and today I want you to feel the independence immediately created by each of them by directly challenging you to push beyond your present limits within your practice.

While the overarching theme is always found in greater leverage with time, effort, money, space, and people; the real key here is to break a part the dependence on volume of everything in order to make you more profitable.

The reality of needing fewer patients to achieve your goals, even fewer team members, or at the very least not being stuck in dollars-for-hours work, will unlock new types of freedom in your practice that gives you leverage to control every other aspects.

The Four Freedoms found in A Radically Better Way To Practice Dentistry are the keys to unlocking independence in the rest of your life – in the shortest time possible…

Insurance Freedom

Reducing or completely eliminating your dependence on insurance is where most doctor begins. It acts like an instant income boost when you actually are paid what you are worth; rather than taking knock-down reimbursements.

And if you think it has a negative impact of patient health, you’ve got it wrong. This is the path to immediately providing more comprehensive care, not less; increasing case acceptance, not decreasing; and establishing better educated patients about their responsibility in their health.

Independence from the constraints of an insurance-based practice creates an even easier opening the remaining freedoms. This is the first domino to fall in following A Radically Better Way.

Financial Freedom

With greater profitability and a consistently higher monthly income, you can now accelerate your investments and multiply your wealth. Instead of just paying the bills, you are fueling your future.

You will be instantly free of the unrelenting stress and worry that unpredictable profits bestow. Imagine no longer lying awake night wondering how you’ll cover every expense before the month ends; just to repeat it again in 30 days.

Financial Freedom is be achieved through A Radically Better Way of increasing your profit margin, not by increasing your volume. Align the math in your practice and set your free.

Time Freedom

With the practice demanding fewer hours and days (and still producing greater profits), you can finally dedicate more time to your health, your hobbies, your community, and your family.

Just think about taking more and longer vacations next month, all without concern or worry or a mountain of stress or an empty schedule or a down month as a result when you come back.

A Radically Better Way is creating more life outside of your practice than in, is the true definition of independence. You are free to structure your schedule how you please, set the hours that suit you, and establish an autonomy you once thought unattainable.

Turnover Freedom

Imagine when you can lead instead of manage, pour into your team without resentment, and rally everyone around a common mission. That’s a vast difference than believing you’re just wasting your breath, time, and money.

Establishing a career-based team means having a team that is as all-in, ready to go above and beyond, and deliver the health outcomes your patients deserve. Through a win-win approach that you can begin this week, you can ensure your team is here to win and here to stay.

Claim your independence from constantly hiring, always waiting for the next one to leave, and feeling the pressure of doing everyone else’s job. There is A Radically Better Way to building a team culture that delivers results, stability, peace of mind, and confidence to conquer any challenge that arises.

You deserve all of these freedoms and you deserve them right now. You’ve experienced partial variations many times in your career. You might be experiencing a few of the freedoms right now.

However, without them all you aren’t truly free. You are still held back by your practice. You are burdened by your business instead of liberated by it.

Once these Four Freedoms are working in unison, it creates a compounding effect like you’ve never seen before, short-cutting years of effort and trial-and-error to yield immediate, significant, sustainable results.

These Four Freedoms are strong enough alone to be the source of long-term growth of your practice because they are based on proven business principles and structured with very specific formulas for the way people behave and the way money moves in your practice. This is how you make the math of the practice work to maximize every asset inside of it by engineering it to your unique goals.

Anyone who tells you there is one way to handle insurance or one way to create your schedule or gives you a one-size-fits-all percentage breakdown of every item on your expense report or says you have too many (or not enough) team members or worst of all that you need more new patients is either lying or naïve. It’s bad enough to suggest that any one of these things by itself will solve every problem in your practice, let alone giving templated solutions that are doomed to fail.

We could give them the benefit of the doubt and say ‘well, that’s just all they know’ and that’s probably true. Which is why you should never take an off-the-shelf solution and think it’s going to work for you because while the solution is the same the problem, the variables, and the end objectives are quite different.

That’s why real wealth is found in customizing your own gameplan that will expedite your progress and condense the time between today and your state of ideal by unleashing the power of the four freedoms.

As I say, you can do things just a little bit better or radically better and the difference is how much you value your life as to how fast you want to see results.

Who ever said “patience is a virtue” never owned a business. Unless you are certain you are going to live forever then I’m here to tell you impatience is the virtue of getting more out of your practice and delivering more value into your life. If you’ve got meaningful goals and a passionate purpose then hustle and haste will serve you well.

The question is how does your practice stack up to achieving your desired level of freedom from insurance and how you want to do dentistry; freedom of lifestyle and the time you sacrifice inside of your practice; freedom to control profit and maximize your income; and freedom from turnover by having a career-based team?

You can create your own customized path to these Four Freedom in my A Radically Better Way To Practice Dentistry…

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Best of all, it is entirely based on my real-life experience of helping doctors for nearly twenty years achieve their goals, breakthrough their limiting beliefs, profit no matter what the economy, realize their dreams, and have the time of their life doing it!

Unlock The Four Freedoms with A Radically Better Way To Practice Dentistry