Real Independence for the Independent Dentist

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There are a lot of forms of independence. When I wrote to my Elite Level Doctors, who receive a special private message from me every Tuesday, I reminded them that independence is what you make of it.

One of the very specific reason I chose to be right here with you, working exclusively with independent private practice doctors, is because of that very word. You are independent. You get to choose how you practice, who you see, what you do, how much you charge, and just about everything else inside of the world of your own making.

This is incredibly powerful and it gives you the ability to achieve unbelievable leverage and profit, autonomy and independence.

In fact, in my newest book The Four Freedoms of Dentistry I layout a step-by-step playbook for gaining even more independence in your practice.

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In my book, I give you four pillars of freedom, of independence, of pushing past the limits, of turning obstacles into opportunities, and of designing a practice around you. Those Four Freedoms are…

Freedom to choose your schedule.

Freedom to achieve far greater profit.

Freedom to decide how to use insurance.

Freedom to assemble a loyal team.

And the benefits of this, aside from your own practice independence and lifestyle freedom, is that everyone else benefits too.

Your patients benefit because when you are independent to care for them as you see fit, they are free to make better health decisions.

Your team benefits because a more profitable practice with a less hectic way of operating frees your team to enjoy an improved lifestyle as well.

The good news is the freedom formula for dentistry is not complicated. It does take some thinking since it is individualized to each doctor, but it can all be engineered for your unique practice.

The most important part about it is clarity over the outcomes you actually want to realize. The tangible dollars, the structure of your schedule, the make-up of your team, the relationship with insurance.

If you can envision how you want your life to be and your practice to operate, then you can create a blueprint to make it possible and bring it to life.

Your goal is not to always be blowing up your practice and changing everything when the mood strikes. Yes, you want to always be evolving and growing in some way but the entire objective of the business is to get to a point where you love it, enjoy it, and don’t want to leave it because it facilitates exactly the life that you desire and deserve.

That is by far the greatest form of independence. Not being free from responsibility but appreciating, enjoying, being grateful for, and reaping the rewards from meticulously crafting your own business and life.

In the last chapter of my book, I cover this in great detail and bring it to life, for your life, a peak state of happiness, accomplishment, and balance.

I’ve written quite a few books, but this one is, without question, the most time sensitive and most applicable for where we find ourselves right at this moment.

Get Your Free Copy of My New Book: The Four Freedoms of Dentistry…

You might be wondering, if this is all possible, why don’t more doctors realize this form of independence where they get to choose the responsibility by way of choosing the rewards.

Well, most Independent Doctors give up their independence because of three misconceptions…

First, they think they have to do things a certain way because everyone else does and they’ll face criticism from peers if they fight the norms.

Second, they’ll risk losing patients or team members if they commit to drastic changes that upend what they’re used to. In actuality, you’ll attract more of the ones you want and keep the ones that are grateful to be there. You get your independence and they get theirs too.

Third, they convince themselves that the right time will come in the future. They agree with certain adjustments but delay taking action. They think, “I will, but not yet.” This is a common excuse to justify putting off any tough decision and stems from a place of fear instead of power.

Doctors wait around saying, “When I’m busier, I’ll get an associate,” or “When we get more new patients, I’ll drop insurance,” or “I’ll raise my fees next year,” or “We’ll go over the rest of the treatment after they do a few smaller procedures first.”

It’s just one preconceived limiting belief after another always with a reason why something can’t be done now. You cannot fall into the trap of voluntarily giving up the independence you earned as a private practice owner.

I challenge you to think right now what have you been waiting for? What’s been some important decisions you know you want to make but haven’t yet? If today was your absolute best chance to enhance your independence, what would you do?

There is nothing more enlightening than when someone realizes that committing to a change is more difficult than the actual implications, consequences, or actions required to bring the change to fruition.

It’s about fighting through that initial indecision and hesitation. It’s about breaking the inertia of staying in one place and living in the status quo.

That’s why so many have independence as an option but so few ever realize its potential to set them free because they stay imprisoned by their own thoughts, fears, limiting beliefs, inactions, and indecisions.

Your independence is within your grasp, if you simply commit to making it so.

I spent the past few months writing The Four Freedoms of Dentistry to help more doctors free themselves from the daily grind that robs their prosperity and peace of mind. That’s achieving real independence for the Independent Dentist…

Your Ultimate Practice and Lifestyle Freedom Awaits…