The Best Dental Practice Decision You’ll Ever Make

As I’ve been pointing out the past few weeks, it is a different deal when you hold your business accountable for what it is supposed to actually be delivering to you.

This is your ultimate responsibility as an entrepreneur. I hope you took last week’s Weekly Report and recommitted to yourself to do all of the above…pay yourself first, set goals that matter based on reverse engineering your Magic Number, and have doubled down on being intentional with your practice and prosperity when it comes to wealth and financial independence.

You know, however, that’s not all though. In fact, no matter how purposeful and deliberate you are with these things, you will only ever be as successful as your practice is set-up to be in the first place.

We are going to take a very aggressive deep dive into the profit structure of your practice very soon. However, we must make sure you are first building on solid ground and to be very blunt about it that you like what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Every doctor will say they would love it if they were making more but at the end of the day the money won’t increase your intrinsic value, personal fulfillment, and satisfaction. It goes much deeper and is much broader than this in your practice and your life.

A few weeks ago I talked about my original book, my very first manifesto and call to action for every Independent Private Practice Doctor in dentistry today called The Dental Practice Shift. It was literally about being more purposeful with your practice and prosperity but actually, first and foremost with your lifestyle and your dentistry.

Here’s the backstory… when I was inspired to write The Dental Practice Shift, I wrote it specifically with you in mind. I did so as a battle plan on how you can literally flip the typical, standard, mediocre, same-as-every-other-practice model of dentistry upside down and reverse engineer it – as a business – to be successful, profitable, fun, and do it all on your own terms.

Years ago, while speaking to a group of doctors, I overhead someone say the craziest thing. He said, “I just can’t wait until life after dentistry.”

Of course, I couldn’t help myself. I went up to him and said, “What if I could show you a way to completely transform your practice so that you can enjoy life while practicing and at the same time reach your financial goals.”

He responded as you would expect the ‘typical’ dentist to – he brushed it off as just another idea that wouldn’t work for him. I assume he went on to suffer for another couple years and then sell out his practice at a fraction of its potential value.

None the less, I knew what I had to do and “The Dental Practice Shift” was born. It is based on the three core principles you must have as well as avoiding the seven most common self-sabotaging “sins” that nearly every doctor commits which leads to diminishing autonomy, more stress, and less profit.

After this experience, I realized I would have a lot more lasting impact working with doctors individually one-on-one, just like you do your patients, and I stopped speaking to large groups.

I work with doctors who don’t want to just be talkers. Who don’t want to keep waiting and putting off their state of ideal goals and dreams until tomorrow.

You deserve it now.

All of my individualized work with doctors across North America is always custom designed to literally bring the Dental Practice Shift principles to life for you in real time with an interactive experience. And to stop limiting yourself in what you believe is possible, what your practice delivers to you, and what you are capable of achieving.

If you are serious, have ambition, and desire things in your practice and life to better in any way then you know two things. One, you can’t do it on your own because you only know what you know and if you could you’d already have done it. Two, time is always of the essence. There is no waiting or delay for dreams and ideals because life is very short.

If you want more than just words on a page or ideas in your head and you actually want to build a better dental practice business because you want to create a more meaningful prosperous life then don’t stop with this weekly Report or even my books. Choose to take action.

Get started by scheduling your custom Profit Blueprint Strategy Call with me…

I want to tell you the most important decision you will ever make in your dental practice business that is really the underlying success factor and what my “Dental Practice Shift” concept is really all about.

The shift I’m talking about is critical if you ever want to stop feeling like you are doing as much as you can yet still not happy with your results. This decision, the shift, is your willingness to unapologetically and very deliberately choose to…


Yes, you better believe it. Put yourself first in every single perspective you can imagine. Just like putting your oxygen mask on first in the airplane cabin before beginning to help everyone else.

Nothing else can even be decided, and certainly not achieved, without this principle. How can it – you’d have nothing to base any other decision on.

Most practice owners end up at the complete and total mercy of their practice. Their lives are actually built around their practice. They decide when to take their vacations, how long they can be gone, what they do on their weekends, and especially the number of days and hours they work.

It gets worse.

Most doctors set their fees not by what they think their time (not to mention skill and knowledge and value of outcomes for their patients) is worth but by what they think patients won’t question or think is too expensive – or they let insurance companies set what they are paid.

Literally going from an owner of their practice to an employee of the insurance company. I’ll be the first to say that insurance can have a place in your practice, no problem. I never force people out and our doctors are nearly fifty-fifty with some still accepting some of the major insurance in their area. Still, it must be about your business on your terms, otherwise you are at the mercy of everything and everyone else – instead of proactively controlling your own outcomes.

Putting you first means:

Your vision.

Your schedule.

Your dentistry.

Your profit.

Your team.

Your leadership.

In every way it is about your practice serving you. By doing that – by aligning it in this manner – not just conceptually but operationally, financially, clinically, experientially…

You will in fact be in position to put your team first and your patients first also.

This is the Dental Practice Shift lived out. The shift where you are the master of your business on purpose instead of your practice becoming your master accidentally.

So, that begets the question…

If you were to take out a blank piece of paper and start over from scratch, how would you design a business blueprint that would give you the best of all worlds and allow you to experience the dental practice shift for yourself?

If nothing were off limits, what would you do differently?

Here’s the thing, I’ve yet to meet a single doctor that isn’t in their own way in some form and falling victim to the fate of at least one of the seven self-sabotaging sins in the Dental Practice Shift.

It doesn’t have to mean you aren’t doing well, you may be doing better than you ever thought or quite the opposite. The point is your practice as a business being successful (just like your patient care and dentistry being exceptional), isn’t the only factor to your life. It is about who is in control, who sets the terms, and who decides what you can and can’t do…

You or Your Practice

As we are going into the end of this year, of all years, and given the fact that you are smart enough, ambitious enough, humble enough to be here with me reading the most provocative, truth-telling, straight-shooting dental business newsletter… says that you’ve got unfinished business to tend to, that you desire more, and that you don’t want to compromise for ‘good enough’ when you know there is so much more possible.

You see, I consider the greatest victory for my doctors is their ability to enjoy, thrive, succeed, and leave a legacy as a result of their lives WHILE practicing dentistry not just anxiously awaiting and expediting their life AFTER dentistry.

Today, I challenge you to ask yourself where do you need to elevate your thinking, change your perspective, discover your potential, find your passion, expand your goals, and most of all shift your practice to give yourself permission to put you first?

Not sure where to begin? Would you like my help creating a shortcut to the answers? Here’s the fastest and easiest way to experience the shift I’m talking about in a personalized way (not some cookie cutter, one size fits all practice replica)…

It’s my custom Profit Blueprint Strategy Call

It will be the most enlightening and empowering call with real-time decisions and implementation. It is the only way to know where to go from here in your life and practice and to see clearly not just your goals and vision but your path to victory and success.

This is about ensuring you are on the right track to become the best you. Not just in your practice, but personally for your fulfillment, financial success, and freedom!

You can have it all if you have a clearly defined vision, path, and plan to make it happen. And that is my invitation to you right now. To experience your own Dental Practice Shift and achieve true freedom and independence in dentistry.