The Practice and Lifestyle Freedom You’ve Been Waiting For

When it comes to protecting your practice future, the most important question you can ask yourself is: what do you need to be independent from?

Your answer, or answers, will ultimately determine your fate. How you choose to operate your practice as a business and what you choose to insulate yourself from will either position you to be victim or victor.

I’ve challenged you on this over the past several weeks, but that’s nothing new. I’ve challenged doctors to think bigger about their goals, to dream bolder about their ambitions, to break the run-of-the-mill same-as-every-other-practice mold, to elevate their expectations of what their practice should do for them, and to build a better practice as a business in order to facilitate true independence.

So, what might prevent you from experiencing that reality? What do you need to be independent from to achieve the practice and lifestyle freedoms you deserve?

It might seem like that list is growing longer and longer. Yet, there are still proven steps you can take to ensure your practices thrives no matter the challenges that lie ahead.

In fact, the formula to achieving this ultimate freedom is exactly what I want to share with you.

As you might expect, that won’t all fit in a single Weekly Report (or even a series). Besides, it’s the most worthy and valuable topic for your entire journey, personally and professionally, and warrants a deeper study.

The past few months, I’ve been diligently working to put together a playbook you can use now to position your practice for whatever comes next… immune to a recession, resistant to inflation, unaffected by hiring struggles, and freed from the fluctuations of insurance reimbursements.

You can claim independence from those threats posed against your prosperity, autonomy, and peace of mind with… Your Ultimate Practice & Lifestyle Freedom Blueprint

This is designed around my just-released bookThe Four Freedoms of Dentistry – where I share a revolutionary new formula that frees you from insurance, nets you 50% profit, guarantees you more days off than on, and establishes a zero-turnover team.

You Can Grab Your Free Book and Design Your Ultimate Freedom Blueprint Now…

With my recent writings, I have been ensuring you are far out ahead of the coming recession and troubled economy so you are protected, prepared, and set to prosper. In times like these, it’s vital to double-down on your convictions and fight back against the emerging challenges – rather than become complacent or settle for less, something I’ve always championed for my doctors.

Actually, doctors come to me for a lot of varied reasons. Some are going through transitions whether an associate or removing insurance or they are contemplating expansion to multiple locations or just more ops. Some are planning to retire and want to sell their practice at the highest value.

Some doctors just ask for help because they are trying to figure out what’s next for them. They want clarity on their own vision. They also know they have something more to give inside and outside of their practice. Some doctors just aren’t having fun anymore or are too burdened by the management or any other stressors.

Some doctors show up already knowing they need help to maximize their skills in order to command top fee for comprehensive cases while establishing a Lifestyle Practice (the concept that put me on the map in the first place). It’s defined by practicing on your own terms, working a lot less, making dramatically more, and have a blast doing it.

You read all of that and I’m sure it all sounds great. Yet, the real trick here is not trying to solve your problems with other people’s solutions.

This is why the most important thing I can tell you about dentistry is everything – the dentistry, the practice, the ownership, the business, the model, the clinical philosophy, the team – is different based on each individual doctor.

The first step to arriving at your ultimate freedom is deciding what that looks like for you. There are truly unlimited possibilities and I’ve proven it can work throughout the industry, in every corner of the country, in every size of city, in every type of clinical modality, in every shape of practice.

Once you know what you want, there are so many different ways to go about getting there and so many people telling you their way is the best. The fact is, no one’s way is right for you – only your way is right for you.

Which is why I wrote my new book around customizable formulas that allow you to achieve practice independence by your own definition. But it doesn’t end there. I’m also going to work with you to craft a personalized blueprint built just for you and your practice…

Request Your Free Book and Ultimate Freedom Blueprint Now…

Just the other day, I was talking to a doctor who has become a close friend of mine. He was sharing with me what he has experienced lately as a result of the blueprint we created together.

Initially, he was considering selling his practice in Michigan and moving to Florida but I helped him see all of the potential that still remained and promised we could develop a plan where he could actually spend less time in the office. So, he hung on and gave himself an opportunity to see what he was truly capable of. Because he gave me the chance to open his mind to new possibilities and had a specific vision in mind, we were able to arrive at the perfect practice for him.

Today, he is still practicing and has total freedom, true independence, and loves his life. As he wrapped up, he concluded with, “And you know Scott, I don’t mind the money either.”

And you know what, he deserves it. He’s done all of the necessary work. He reached out believing something more was possible, was open to the changes I knew would help, saw it all through, and has earned the rewards as a result.

Interestingly, just like my dear friend, your greatest responsibility is not the work (you are working now, likely too hard), it’s actually being able to seek out help, pause for a moment from spinning your wheels, and take a step back to see where changes might be in order.

It starts by giving yourself permission to reach a new level of independence and knowing you do not have to do it all on your own (which, if possible, you would have already).

You are either going to wait and be challenged by outside forces or you are going to challenge yourself now to progress, to grow, to breakthrough, and to achieve what you are truly capable of instead of what you are simply willing to settle for.

Let me show you a different way, a better way to arrive at your true independence. This is your chance to apply the proven formulas to your practice with…

Your Free Copy of ‘The Four Freedoms of Dentistry‘ and Ultimate Freedom Blueprint

Of course, there’s no cost, there’s no fee, there’s no shipping, there’s no risk. Surely by now you know how I operate and how much I give to our loyal readers.

It doesn’t matter how many months or years you’ve been here with me, following along. The writings might inspire you, the questions might provoke thoughts, the stories might show you what’s possible… but it’s the actions that bring the results.

Instead of talking about dropping insurance and freeing yourself to raise your fees, let’s finally do it. In my new book there are specific strategies you can customize for your practice situation.

Instead of thinking about your overhead and profit percentage, let’s improve your financial strength so you take home more – the how-to is also in my new book.

Instead of constantly hiring new team members, let’s build a loyal, career-based team that stays for the long haul – you guessed it, also in the book.

But most importantly, instead of spending countless hours in the practice (plus the hours at home still thinking about your practice), let’s take back your autonomy and achieve the time freedom you deserve. That is where true independence comes from, because time without money might not be much fun but money without time is worth nothing at all.

Of course, this isn’t going to happen without you, it’s not going to happen without work, it’s not going to happen without taking responsibility, but it’s also not going to happen on your own.

I’m here to guide you down the proven path to greater practice and lifestyle freedom. Don’t miss this chance to shift your practice in a way that provides the greatest possible benefits to your patients, your team, and to you. Get started right now…

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