Find Fun In The Labor

With just about any team call I have the privilege of leading (and especially for new teams we welcome into our fold), I almost always end the discussion with one final piece of advice.  It’s not one they expect but it is actually one of the most important things that any team, doctor, practice can do for themselves.  That is…


Yes, it is fun to help people, but also it should be enjoyable to through your day with what you get to do.

It becomes fun – just like last week – when you decide to make it fun.

Of course, I’m not telling you that there aren’t things you’d rather be doing.  However, it is important to think about the things you get to do as a result of what you have chosen to do for your “work” – and it will and should always be “work” by the way.

That is also something to celebrate.

But, when your work becomes your play and you have fun doing it, it literally changes the game for everyone involved.

Not only are you a more upbeat, energetic, and positive person but your patients can’t help but notice the joy that you have in doing what you do.

Labor Day really should be every day because we’re so thankful for everyone who shows up by way of serving other people and providing value to the world.

It is a choice because there are alternatives, for everyone, and that’s why I say embrace what you do, have fun with what you do, enjoy what you do, and be the very absolute best at what you do.  You picked your profession so you owe it and yourself to make the most of each and every day.

There is an expression that says, “It’s not that successful people actually do what they love, it is that they love what the do.”

And that’s a powerful state of mind that impacts everyone around you.

Far too many people are thinking about every possible way to get out of work or do as little as possible or just get by or when they are working their minds are somewhere else.

And that takes the fun out of it because it takes you out of it.  Usually these types of attitudes result in low performance and frustration which creates a vicious cycle of unhappiness.  The blame ends up going to “the what” instead of where it should go, to “the who.”

Because if we just chose to enjoy the labor of the work, you’ll be a lot happier with the outcomes and have a lot more to celebrate.  Not surprisingly, the more fun you have, the better results you achieve, which only multiples the fun.

Remember, the rewards of the work come after the work itself.  That’s why it is important to always focus on the right things that drive results so you aren’t just working for the sake of it.

It can’t ever really be just about the paycheck because if there ever was fun in it there won’t be long.  

Let’s borrow from the brilliant organizing expert on TV with the philosophy of keeping only what brings you joy – but instead, decide you are only going to bring joy to work (and dump all of the negative emotions).  You’ll have more fun with the labor you do every day and you’ll even find a more rewarding the feeling of accomplishment from your efforts.

Here’s where it gets even better… the more fun you have, the more fun your patients will have and it’s a lot easier to make someone happy and influence them in their decisions when they are enjoying the process, the environment, the experience, and most of all the people.

Answer these questions in honor of Labor Day…

What can you do to make your labor more fun?

What can you do to make it more fun for your team?

What can you do to make it more fun for your patients?

Simply decide to bring more joy to yourself, to your every day, and to the people around you.  Now, go celebrate Labor Day, not just the day, but the labor that makes it all worthwhile in the first place.

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