How To Find Your Perfect Practice Vision For 2020

Have you decided yet, what your New Year will bring?  Of course, you say to me that there is still a lot of month left between now and the start to 2020.  I get that.  And I trust you will make the most of it.

That said, it isn’t too far into a year that one starts thinking about what they’d do differently in the next one.  I can tell you this: there is only one way to have your best year ever and that’s decide to make it so.

Every Doctor has their list… Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

A list of things they’d go undo or things they’d decide, try, test out, implement, get done over the past 12 months.  What if just one of those would have made all of the difference.

Heck, it doesn’t even have to be about ‘the practice.’  It could be about your health, your schedule, the vacation you didn’t take, the family event you didn’t make, the course you didn’t attend, or perhaps that you attended too many.

Do you want to know the most common request I get from Doctors just like you?

It is to reach their “number” faster and earlier in their lives without having to compromise on their lifestyle along the way.  Meaning that they don’t have to put off ‘everything’ (all of those woulda, coulda, shoulda’s) until some distant undetermined moment in time when they feel the relief that they no longer HAVE TO work.

Yes, ‘The Number’ means for most the elusive point at which you no longer HAVE TO practice Dentistry by FORCE or necessity and instead can do it BY CHOICE if you want to because you’ve already arrived at the state of financial independence.

For you, that time may have already passed – or – perhaps if 2020 is your best year ever you’ll arrive, at least you’ll be closer.  If done right, it has to.

What most Doctors turned Business Owners never fully grasp is the impact and power of every single decision (the big, the small, the ones in between), that you make today directly affects the trajectory of your financial independence.  These decisions either set you up for success that will compound or they set you up for another turnover on 4th Down forcing you to simply hope you get back on track ‘next year.’

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be THAT Doctor.  You can be different.  You can be better.  You can have your practice work for you.  You can own your business instead of it owning you.

Of course, you have to work and you have to work hard – that’s the only people who get ahead – but just hard work alone won’t get you there.  The smarter you are about your practice ownership the more leverage you will have over your time and the value that your skills are worth to you, your team, and your patients.

Don’t expect different results if you just roll up your sleeves and dive back into another year doing the same things.  Not if there are things you’d put on your wish list that would help you to enjoy your dentistry more, practice on your own terms, get home earlier, invest more money in your future, take more vacations, and be an all around more engaged leader and Doctor in the daily life of your practice.

I have no doubt you leave it all on the field every single day and you think to yourself ‘if I could do more I would but I don’t know how and I can’t imagine working any harder than I already do – there has to be an easier way.’  And you know what?  You’d be right.

There is an easier way to get to a point in your practice life that I call “state of ideal.”  Here you work when you want and how you want, doing the dentistry you want, and earning what you are worth. 

If you are like most Doctors they just can’t believe there isn’t more money laying around at the end of the month.  It seems as though all of the profit dissipates.

This is because most Practices do not operate with any sense of an actual business plan.  It’s like flying blind with no navigation system; there is no way to tell if any decision is the right decision or if you are even headed in the right direction.  All because there has never been a detailed course charted, tangible goals set, and specific blueprint applied.

You get to change that right now, today.  If you are tired of more of the same and feel like you are banging your head against the wall of growth in your practice…

Or you have reached a point when you know you are on the cusp of your next breakthrough but you can’t figure out how to realize the potential, if you are seeking more of something – time, money, autonomy, fulfillment – out of your practice but feel stuck as to how to get there?

If you’ve decided that 2020 is your year.  The one that you’ll look back on as the year that everything goes your way, that you finally make the tough decisions, that you stop putting yourself last, and that you end letting the practice run you.

Then I invite you to allow me to be your guide and create for your 2020 Practice Success Blueprint… 

Request Your FREE 2020 Practice Success Blueprint >>> 

For a limited number of Doctors that I find most deserving and serious, I will personally take you through my most celebrated and quite literally famous Blueprint Planning Process.  This is the common-sense approach to reverse-engineering your Practice Success without cookie-cutters or a one-size-fits-alls or trying to turn you into something (or someone) you don’t want to be.  

This year can be YOUR YEAR – but it’s not going to happen with just more of the same.  You know that already.  The question is what are you going to do about it.

I encourage you to start right here…

Apply Now For Your 2020 Practice Success Blueprint >>> 

The most successful Doctors have customized plans that serve as their guide and compass to give them the confidence to be bold and act.  Avoid letting another year pass by as same old, same old and instead take action on your goals and dreams for the perfect practice that serves your life.

It’s time to create your 2020 Practice Success Blueprint >>>

This is the question you want to be asking yourself first:  What do you want to be different in 2020?

Be as specific as you can.  Drop an insurance, add a procedure, cut back a day a month, reduce hours every week, add a vacation.  Perhaps it’s be able to pay your team more, to buy some new equipment, upgrade your office, bring on an associate.  How about have more peace of mind, make more money, enjoy your dentistry more than ever before.

Whatever your desires are they must move from wishes and hopes to plans and actions.  I want this for you.

I exist to help my Doctors reach their greatest potential and to break through limiting beliefs.  These beliefs get in your way, whether from past experience, past failures, past disappointments or simply things that you don’t believe can be true for you – even though you know of other Doctors achieving them.

Why not you?

Why not make 2020 the year you…

Stop holding yourself back.

Stop sabotaging yourself.

Stop letting others dictate the terms on which you live, earn, practice, think.

If you really think about it, the number of years left in your career – no matter what age or stage you are at – isn’t many.  The percentage of time that 2020 represents in the rest of your professional life is substantial.  I know this about you: if we fast forward a year from now, the thing that is going to give you the greatest peace of mind, the feeling of most significance, the pride of achievement, and the flow of abundance (in time, autonomy, health and wealth) is going to be making your own rules, challenging the status quo, breaking free from complacency, and designing the year 2020 to be the best one you’ve ever had – on purpose.

Because you refuse to do just more of the same and go through the same old motions.  Because you decide to be better, to be different, to be your best, and to give yourself the Practice you deserve.

That’s what I want for you in 2020 and that is exactly what we are going to commit to making happen together!

The first thing you have to do is determine what your ‘Best Year Ever’ really looks like.  The clarity of this is where it all begins.  You must get your focus back and set your sights on the future, now, not later.

And that’s what my 2020 Practice Success Blueprint process will deliver to you.

You can read all the wonderful comments of the life-changing impact I have had on countless Doctors from coast to coast.  While they are all true and meaningful, the only person’s goals and feelings who should matter to you – are your own.  It’s no secret in Dentistry you only know what you know, you can only achieve what your practice is setup to deliver, you will never out grow or out earn whatever your practice model is designed to do.

Ultimately, this is why my Doctors come to be because they are tired of everyone else’s ideas and constantly searching for greener grasses that doesn’t exist.  Instead they decide to go to work on themselves and to take back control over their practice.  That begins by having me show you what is actually possible and first helping you to get clarity over your goals by working to define the future that you wish to have.

For a Doctor like you who is ready for a change for the better and who is ready to make 2020 count, you’ll find your path towards the most rewarding year of your career begins right here…

Request Your FREE 2020 Practice Success Blueprint >>> 

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