It’s Not All Fun and Games, or Is It?

Here is an interesting little secret that most people don’t admit… Halloween is largely an adult holiday these days.  Meaning that more Halloween money is spent by adults for adults than children.

It’s meant to be a fun time of the year.  As fall begins to take shape and the Holiday season sets in, it’s a reminder to loosen up a little.

No, not stop working.  Of course, quite the opposite.  We want to be more focused than ever before and by now you should have made big team commitments to your year-end 4th quarter goals and objectives.  Now is the time to be pushing hard to win and win big in what remains of 2020.

And I’d like to give you a tip that will help you do exactly that…

Have more fun.

While there are so many great things to celebrate every month, what’s more fun and exciting that the big three Holidays coming at us in October, November and December.

This is your chance to really connect with your patients, to be extra memorable, to make it more about your relationships (not just about dentistry), and put behind us the unfortunate happenings of this year.

We need a good celebration, we need a little amusement, don’t you think?  So, how can we make it more fun for you and more fun for your patients?  By using what the calendar gives us to surge ahead and accomplish your goals while helping others.

Start today by thinking about…

Fun Videos

Contests and Games


Things in the mail

Small gifts

Social Media Themes

Don’t just make it about a day, make it about a month.  And please don’t make the mistake of only engaging the patients that come in, involve all of your patients in some way.

Of course, there are ways to tie it into dentistry…

You could go with the obvious of the “scary smiles” and so many have already used “what’s behind the mask” but it takes a whole new meaning now with Halloween.  Get creative, inject your personality, and have fun.

You certainly don’t have to do all of the heavy lifting, either.  Let your patients participate, produce the content, and expand the reach.

The point is: you’ve got three months left and we’ve got to make the most of them – more so than any year before.  This year they count as a bigger percentage of everything you are going to do and achieve in 2020 so keep your head in the game.

But that doesn’t stop you from bringing the party to the practice.  As I have always said, if you want more referrals you have to be more referable.  Which is about more than just service with a smile and great health outcomes, it’s about giving patients things to talk about, to share, to post, to remember.

Remember, use what you’ve got, make the most of the opportunities at hand, tie it into what patients are already thinking, and make yourself more relevant… then watch what happens.

We all know this has been a year with some extra stress, tragedy, and chaos thrown in.  How about we all just take a deep breath and make sure this year we go out in style.

You can be that source of positive energy, of happy thoughts, of a fun-loving environment by bringing the party to the patients – while making the most of and winning every day doing what you do best.  Besides, when you have more fun patients do too.  

Next week, in the theme of Halloween, we’ll continue on with this and talk about some of those scary things that get in the way of a harmonious practice life.  

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