A Great Quote For You & Your Team

Last week we talked about PLAYING BIG – and every week I work hard to bring you things that both motivate you and inspire you to action – and while doing that provide you with tactical strategies and different ways of thinking about your Practice and Patients so you can find success in ways that facilitate your lifestyle and bring you enjoyment in your choose Passion/Profession.

Today I want to share with you a quote that I carry around with me every day of my life in my billfold.

It reminds me to make the most of EVERY-DAY and to always work, live, act, behave, think, do, execute and believe in ALL THAT IS POSSIBLE…

And to never accept less than my best and my greatest potential.

Did you know the #1 reason why a Dentist is attracted to me is because they feel like they are not EARNING or Practicing to their highest potential.

They feel like they are worth more than they are making.

They know they are capable of bigger, more complex dentistry than they are providing.

They often feel stuck, even if they are successfully running a multi-million dollar practice, they feel they’ve hit a plateau. Or maybe even feel bored or burnt out with what they are doing every day.

Yes, POTENTIAL is a crazy thing. It will motivate you or depress you all in the same day. If you are excited about your potential you feel energized, if you are frustrated by not reaching your potential you are often distraught and unsettled.

Are you achieving Your Potential in Your Practice, with Your Patients, now?

Hey, look, I’m not here to judge you about WHAT YOU WANT, I only believe that if you WANT IT you should be achieving it – life is too short.

So, here’s the quote I think you are going to LOVE!!!

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela


I ought to just stop typing right now and let that sink in, really deep inside of you, gosh I love it, it inspires me every day and grabs me by my soul and shakes my spirit to question reality and kick the status quo square in the ass.

Let’s liven things up a little – I have some questions for you – and I’d like you to respond…yes, just hit REPLY and type your answers to these questions.

I will actually read them, I promise, I want to know –

DO NOT OVER THINK THIS – just let it flow and feel – you are human, it’s okay to have emotions, desires, wants, things that you want to share…okay, so sometimes my best value to my clients is to be the Dentists Therapist.

I always say everybody needs a good shrink.



What really motivates you?

What type of Patients or Treatment would you love to do more of?

If you could change any one thing about your Practice what would it be?

Right now, today, what are you most excited about in your practice?

What are you most frustrated with?

In a perfect world, the ideal practice for you, what would you change, improve, do differently than what exist right now?

If one year from today you looked back and knew that you achieve something that would make you feel proud and happy – WHAT WOULD IT BE?

How about in 90-days?

Tell me something interesting about yourself, outside of Dentistry?


I just love self-reflection, many people don’t even know themselves because they never stopped long enough to ask important questions…it should always begin with yourself – it starts at the top as they say.

Thank you for playing along. It’s the only way you win, to play.

Last question, do you have a favorite quote or a favorite book?

So, I didn’t say this before but I will now, just for answering my questions, I’m going to send you one of my favorite books, it’s amazing, actually I think I will send you the top 3 – depends on the day which one has been the most important book I’ve ever read. Just reply and answer questions to get books and gifts and goodies – now that’s fun stuff…try it in your office, outside the box, live it up a little, be different.

I’m excited to know more about you.

Here’s that quote one more time. POST IT ON THE WALL, hand it out to the Team, talk about it – these are the topics for your Team Meetings, not that other boring stuff that doesn’t motivate anyone.

Have a great weekend, I’ll be busy reading about you!

To Your Success

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living.” Nelson Mandela