A Must-Read Message For Practice Owners

Right now is indeed a difficult, confusing time. The default for many is to run and hide, bury their heads, and tune it all out. You, however, can’t afford to make this serious mistake.

The fact is the future is never certain. Not a single moment is guaranteed. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. That’s a cold hard truth that’s been present throughout the entire course of human existence.

I believe every moment has always been fragile. But a challenging time like today makes it even more imperative you lead like never before – on behalf of your team, on behalf of your patients, on behalf of those who matter most, on behalf of yourself.

We are called on now to respond differently, boldly, courageously because those who are capable to act must also be willing to act. I believe now more than ever it is not a matter of ‘could’ or ‘should’ but MUST.

Look, I make no comparison to actual war and the unimaginable tragedy the people of Ukraine are suffering. My heart, along with my money, goes out to them through and through. We can draw more than just inspiration and spirit from these people literally fighting for their lives every single day during this horrendous invasion. The last thing I or anyone should ever do is disrespect people facing life or death with their very existence under attack.

Nor do I make light of the real struggles happening right here at home. Historic inflation that makes it harder for people to pay rent, buy groceries, or even get to work due to record high gas prices. There should be anger, there should be resentment; for all of this could have been avoided.

If you don’t get it by now, you better wise up because you will soon need a bus or a bicycle for your team to keep showing up; not because they don’t want to but because they won’t be able to.

You’ve got only one option if you are going to be a facilitator for change, for hope, for normalcy. Regardless of the economy, the employment market, the financial markets, or global conflicts, the only way to operate is by staying level headed, never giving up your vision, holding sacred all that you’ve built, and continuing to march ahead undeterred by the obstacles that surely await.

You have no choice but to out-earn all the challenges and out-profit all the problems. You have no choice but to out-grow all the uncertainties and out-smart all the unpredictable days ahead.

Trust me… Tomorrow WILL come.

The future you experience, whether one year or twenty years down the road, depends upon the attitudes and actions you carry out TODAY. Make sure you don’t allow the concerns of the moment to sabotage the dreams of tomorrow.

With all of that said, I want to bring your undivided attention to a critically important Weekly Report that is dedicated to the freedom of your practice.

This past week, I presented my indispensable principles that have been empowering independent private practice doctors for two decades. I laid out all in one place the practice-as-business engineering formulas I use to help doctors have it all and ultimately achieve the four freedoms everyone should be pursuing.

In abbreviated form, I want to share those four freedoms here. No, they are not life and death. No, they cannot cast tyranny out from every corner of the earth. Yet, for what you can control, for what you can do for those closest to you, for what you have sacrificed so much to create – they are vital…

Insurance Freedom

In other words, controlling your own value and getting paid what you are worth by your own determination (which, by the way, isn’t random or arbitrary but easily calculated in order to make everything else possible).

This creates a radically better way to deliver the highest value dentistry and make your time worth not just what you deserve but what your practice requires in order for you to reach your potential.

I outlined with laser focus four different Value Numbers that show instantly the health of your practice, your reliance or dependence on insurance, and creates a very clear path to a radically better way forward that stacks the deck in your favor with fees and insurance.

Financial Freedom

Yes, this is the power of profitability. As I pointed out, most doctors simply make money and receive income on accident – either by setting a less-than-acceptable wage as a salary or taking random distributions if there is cash in the account.

What I do with my Profit Formula for each and every doctor I work with personally in creating their own Radically Better Way To Practice Game Plan and Profit Blueprint is switch from focusing on the money going out to the money coming in and immediately directing profits to the bottom line.

This structure is calculated to where we are dictating the percentage of the only thing we have 100% absolute control over and that is the Profit Percentage. Right now, you are at the mercy of shortsighted, reactive, small minded Accountants and Bookkeepers telling you to spend less money instead of to make more money or to pay less taxes instead of to invest more in your wealth and future.

I shared my favorite quote about Profit Loss Statements. This one phrase is literally life changing and the difference between those doctors who just get by or those who just get rich.

And that is the radically better way to achieving a 50% Profit Margin and doubling your personal income very fast.

Time Freedom

Okay, there couldn’t be any more important freedom than this because without this none of the others matter; yet without the others you’ll never have the peace of mind to fully give yourself permission to not just work but also worry less.

I gave you my 180 degrees turnabout from clinical time and business time to more personal time and more family time. This is all about lifestyle design and it comes down to what you prioritize and what you choose to stop waiting for and starting living for.

That trumps a radically better way to practice because we are talking here about a radically different way to live. As long as you follow the three very specific steps to reverse engineering your time.

When you apply my radically better way to your time and you literally have more days off than on, you once again put yourself in a position of control, power, and leverage.

Turnover Freedom

Lastly, I gave the secret to every practice living in harmony today amidst the world shake-up and the “great resignation” where fewer people want to work to build careers. Instead, most simply expect inflationary increases while you are getting squeezed from all sides already.

There is a better way, a radically better way to lead, manage, empower, and pay your team. I presented three different principles with a ‘change the rules of the game’ mentality so that they can’t compare apples to apples and you get out ahead of it without being shaken down every time you turn around. This is controversial and a wakeup call but better now than later because it’s only going to get worse.

It may feel like you can’t make earth a better place at the moment but you can make your own environment, the people around you, and the ecosystem you’ve created better – but not by doing more of the same.

Instead, you need a dramatic shift in thinking altogether. One where you aren’t changing the rules, but you are changing the game so you can win in style, right now, on your terms.

Yes, there’s so much going on and no one truly knows what’s going to happen next. At the same time, we all know that we get one shot at this and I’m here to tell you living yours in limbo is no way to do it.

You deserve better. Radically better.

Most people will continue to be focus on fear, caught up in concern, worried about what they can’t control.

The few though – the brave, the ambitions, the leaders, the independent private practice doctors like yourself – will choose a different path to embolden their values, strengthen their commitments, and bolster their support for all those who depend upon them. Through these four freedoms, you can make your practice worth more for and all those you care about.

If you are tired of putting your goals on hold waiting for “what ifs” and “some days.” If you are ready to stop pondering your potential and start prospering from it then I invite you behind the scenes to the most hard-hitting, intense working session I’ve ever done.

Go here now to watch, study, devour my Radically Better Way Zoom Seminar – and of course, it’s free to those willing to take the lead…