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Mindset: The Defining Factor of Your Success

Mindset matters. Your mindset is (almost) everything. Of course, you must combine it with strategy, actions, and commitment to achieve your goals. However, you can’t make even the best strategies work with a bad mindset. Nor can you take the greatest opportunities and turn them into anything of value if you are sabotaging yourself mentally… Read more »

How to Grow Your Income in a Recession

Most people figure during ‘tough times’ they are going to have to cut back, contract, and settle for less. Well, not you and not us. Winners don’t wake up and decide it’s ok to lose just because it’s going to be tough. They plot out and find ways to be victorious. And that is exactly… Read more »

How to Turn Your Patients Into Better Buyers

On this day known as Black Friday, when the greatest infusion of consumer spending into the economy takes place, we’re about to discover just how ‘bad’ things really are. But you know what? I’ll make this prediction. People won’t stop buying. They will be out there today just like they always are because people want… Read more »