Creating The Winning Playbook

Did you appreciate last week’s tough love?  Ironically, the ones who don’t need it are the ones not bothered by it.  That’s because you understand the game you’re playing.  It’s not just about showing up or even “getting the job done” – it’s about so much more.

You could say it’s about “making a difference” but what does that even mean?  A difference in, for, to, with what?

When you are clear on your desired outcomes and the most important objectives, you can then be purposeful in your decisions, committed in your actions, and concise with your utilization of time.

Our discussion was about not letting losing be an option for you and that it is as important to figure out how to win as it is to figure out how not to lose.

Today, let’s circle back and talk specifically about winning.  This begins with the vision, definition, and mission behind it in the first place.

I’d like to encourage you to again sit down, make the list, and really do the work necessary to have clarity here.

What’s a victory for you with every individual patient, with the end of every day, with your personal responsibilities, and with your team as a whole?

You have many victories that you are working towards at any given moment, but do you know what they all are?  Can you articulate exactly what a victory looks like?

Start right there and define what the victories are for you, what it means to “win”, and how you know if you’ve succeeded.

You should also complete this exercise for yourself in your own life: how do you win for yourself?  What do you need to do to stay at a peak level of performance, happiness, focus, and positivity?

Next, we need to develop your team’s playbook for success.  Ask each other about what it takes to win: what are the attributes, actions, principles, beliefs, and behaviors of a winning team? 

Of course, you can break this down with and for every single position in the practice.  What does winning look like for each person based on their responsibilities for their position?

Finally, we move to your patients.  What does a victory look like for your patients?

As you write or reassess your mission statement as it relates to a victory for your patients, make sure that it really represents specifically what you do, what you are about, and what your purpose is overall.  The fewer generalities and more specifics, the better.

Then I want you to take this to a much greater level of detail.  It is time to really dive down deep into how exactly do you win with your patients.  What do you do specifically to create these victories?  

It’s not enough to simply state what a victory is for your patients.  You should have a list of what must happen, what must be executed, what is every step, what are the strategies at play that all together as a team you carry out from start to finish, from phone call to follow-through, with every single patient.

Just imagine if every Team Member and Doctor is fully aware of what a victory looks like for each patient and completely committed to executing the winning playbook in order to bring them to realization.  This, instead of just going through the motions, checking things off a list, and running through a generic process.

I know each of you could write down a few (if not more) tasks that go undone, steps that get skipped, or priorities that get lost in the shuffle.  Let’s go to work on what you can do more effectively, more completely, more authentically, and more consistently.

That’s what will make the victory possible; not running out the clock and marking it off as “done.”  The goal is always victory and it will happen more frequently now that you’ve created your winning playbook.