Eliminating Communication Problems…For Good.

Chain isolated  with weak spot

I know you have heard the saying “You are only as strong as your weakest link.”

Unfortunately for a Dental Practice there are many chains and that means many weak links. You have several chains just within the communication of your practice, front to back, admin to patients, clinical to patients, doctor to staff, hygiene to restorative, and around and around we go.

There is the possibility for each to result in patient misunderstanding, team member inefficiency, and overall missed opportunities in treatment, patient service, and maximizing both patient care and your production.

A lot of profit is lost with sloppy communication and weak links in your practice. Communication is everything but it’s not the only thing, without checks and balances, systems, and accountability in place there are weak links in patient follow-through and compliance, team member follow-through and compliance, and yes of course you guested it – Dentist follow-through and compliance with your own objectives, expectations, and protocols.

One of the best ways to ensure you make your weak links stronger is to go to work on this every week. Here is the most important thing you should now…

THERE IS NO “RIGHT” WAY … there is however THE BEST WAY for You.

I call it, The Perfect Dental Practice: www.PerfectDentalPractice.com

And there you can find a long list of my Team Motivation Outline and Blueprint included in two different presentations. There is no fee, I share all information as gift to you, first, a test drive of my ideas before you would ever move forward. I think every restaurant ought to let you taste the food first, I mean, isn’t it too late after you’ve wasted the time to go there, give up the evening, and invest your money. You can see that my philosophy is very straightforward, and MADE TO ORDER.

If you have ever experienced a cookie cutter one-size fits all approach to your Team/Staff Training you most certainly know… IT DOES NOT WORK.

At www.PerfectDentalPractice.com you will find none of that.

Now. Today’s huddle is about being proactive and strengthening the weak links in your Team Communication and Patient Experience.

Questions are the best diagnostic tool, and always remember this: the ideas you come up with, the ideas your team comes up with, will always be the ideas you like and have the best chance to do… so, Today, each day, this week in your Huddle ask these three magic questions to each other…

WHAT CAN WE DO TODAY TO WOW OUR PATIENTS…specifically, then name a patient and make each team member focus on one that they can do to make their experience A-MAZING!

Ask: Where are the weak links in our Practice right now today? Where is there a breakdown in communication, what can we improve, where do we lose patients trust, attention, follow-through?

Lastly…oh, heck, I’m not going to tell, I’m saving it for next week, practice these 2 questions today. And make some magic happen.

Don’t forget to go to, www.PerfectDentalPractice.com and I will also include for you a feature presentation I just recorded last week on the 7 Practice Success Pillars for 2015…better start now. Hey you get what you expect, stop settling, start striving…for perfection. It’s what you deserve, it’s your nature, and there may not be any such thing as “the” Perfect Practice, but there is THE-ONE-THAT’S-BEST-FOR-YOU Perfect Dental Practice.