Helping Team Members Hit Their Goals

Last week we talked about making sure every Team Member had a running tally of their numbers every single day. And a weekly review of where they are ahead of or behind on their targets for the month.

I pointed out to you, and have several times before, that you can’t “track monthly” and expect to achieve monthly goals, you have to track daily and technically patient visit by patient visit in order for your daily performance to add up to and exceed your monthly goals.

The other big problem that I pointed out and I do mean problem is that most Team Member’s goals are based on minimums, the lowest possible desired outcome and then you wonder why you never hit your numbers or you are constantly on a roller coaster.

If you are set to produce $15,000 a clinical day to equal $240,000 a month or for a smaller practice $10,000 a clinical day to equal $160,000 and your breakeven point is based on $120,000 then for heavens sake you can’t be planning your goals around the $120,000 – you have to plan your goals around the $160,000 or $240,000.

I absolutely hate the concept of the BAM or BBM or any other stupid concept that consultants and management companies have brainwashed dentists and your team with. YOUR LIFE SHOULD NEVER EVER BE FOCUSED ON OR BASED AROUND MINIMUMS – obviously – that’s your problem if that’s the case.

So, I promised to explain to you “Level 2” of Team Members knowing and planning to achieve their numbers.

First, you showed them where they are at, daily, weekly, accountable for their own performance.

Second, you decide either you and them (or just you, or you and your Practice Leader) what the numbers MUST BE per Team Member in order to achieve your agreed upon GOALS (not minimums) and this way you have identified the actual target performance for each Position.

Third, you or someone in the Practice or as a group, sit down with each Team Member and walk through exactly how we are going to achieve those numbers, meaning that you reverse engineer the process backwards so they can see all the ways they can hit their daily goals.

Fourth, we give them a trial period of two-weeks to basically practice and gauge themselves and see what improvements they are able to make and how they are able to increase their performance to achieve the targets.

Here’s the secret, as soon as they see it happening and they believe it is possible they will now have a new “minimum” daily performance standard and you can start growing and increasing yours and their expectations.

And then we move to Level 3…which is all about orchestrating victories on a daily basis with other focused for each individual, things they specialize in or have great talent or skill or interest in and/or based on their role in the practice.

There might be someone better than others at setting up implants or invisalign, everyone needs to be great at whitening and referrals, and there might be some awesome at perio education, and you give them a specific focus ON TOP OF THEIR per patient visit average and daily minimum performance target and you will see amazing things happen.

My highest performing Practices work this like a basketball team…you guard this person, you stand over here, you do this, today we are going to focus on getting you the ball, or any sport you can draw similar analogy, football is my favorite for larger practices.

They give each Team Member a target of “Okay, you are responsible for $5,000 of treatment creation today, here’s the patients you are going to see, what are your thoughts, what’s pending, what do we know about this person that will allow us help move them towards their healthy mouth goal today.”

You can focus it around specific topics or specific numbers or however you want, the point is, you build a culture around Team Members GOING ABOVE AND BEYOND and NOT just showing up and doing their work that’s in the schedule and leaving.

There you have the 1, 2, 3, levels of sharing and empowering your Team Members by knowing their numbers.


Goal based performance.

Their personal plan of action to achieve it.

Preparation to exceed and stack growth on top.

Re-read this one because I’ve summarized some of the biggest obstacles in your way and anchors holding you back that you’ve been misled by for your entire career.

There’s a ton of power here in this, life-changing, practice-transforming opportunities for growth. By the way, if you haven’t heard about my “sell-more-dentistry” on how to get bigger cases and larger fee bundled treatment, you can still pre-register, it’s complimentary for my Huddle Readers – it’s a very special advanced Webcast happening at the end of this month. You can get on the pre-registration list by emailing with the subject line ‘Save My Seat’.