It’s the Little Things That Matter – 2015 Patient-Service Series #1

Here we are. Monday morning and back at it. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and New Year Celebration. As promised I’m stepping it up here for you in the new year and every Week I’ll be bringing You a Brand New Strategy to improve your Patient Relationships. Today begins a series of “Five Star Patient Service” Techniques you’ll want to incorporate into your every-day Patient Interaction and Visits.

Never Leave A Patient Alone

This may seem very elementary, but even in 2015, there are Patients who walk into Dental Offices and sit in chairs by themselves waiting to be “herded up” and called back for their appointment.

Is this how you like to be treated? The experience you look forward to when you go to any place, let alone a Doctors office, this is the fastest way to change how the patient feels about the “personal attention” you provide.

Heck, even Walmart has a greeter.

This is especially important if it’s a new patient, completing paperwork or just waiting for their first Team interaction. Always make them feel welcome and cared for, as they already have anxiety.

Hey, tell me you’re too busy or make some other excuse, if you really value patient comfort and you want to differentiate from other experiences and other offices then you ought to find a way to justify a Patient Concierge for minimum wage or $10/hour who can sit in the lobby all day and say hello to people who has no other purpose or priority than making your Patients feel like they are truly part of the family.

You try this and you watch how much more treatment is accepted, how much more patient compliance occurs, just by taking care of the little things like this, it makes magic happen.

The truth, is you probably have someone who is available to do a hybrid of this idea wandering around the office now from time to time and could make the rounds to people waiting. Waiting is a reality, but it isn’t the Patient’s fault. Organizations that lead with “customer-first-service-philosophy” and live it, find ways to do what’s best for the patient and it is always what is best for your desired outcomes too.

Know this, Patients left alone talk themselves out of treatment before it’s even been presented, mentioned, brought up.

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