Make Like A Frog And Leap!!!

Little story for you. Seemingly a long time ago, my wife (long before we were ever married) and I were transitioning through a difficult time in our lives, like we all have now and again. I was looking for a gift that would be inspiring to stay strong and keep moving forward.

I was wondering around looking at some various stores and boutiques, talking to a friend who gave me some advice and said something I will never forget and have made a fundamental principle in my life ever since.

She said to me, “You should get her a frog…because frogs can only move one direction, they go forward, they leap.”

And boy oh boy was I excited. And now, well let’s just say we’re a little bit obsessed. I know it sounds so silly but we have hundreds of frogs, literally, not real ones of course but pictures, statues, sculptures, and so many other things. Everywhere I look, we see Frogs poised to leap forward because that’s all they know to do.

They don’t go sideways or back-up, they can’t waddle or move slowly or be indecisive. They do one thing and one thing only – they LEAP!

I love symbols for things to help remind us what our purpose is and what we are doing. It’s so easy to get distracted, to be swayed by the moment, the frustrations of the day or the challenges we face instead of always being stead fast and remembers what matters most and where life is lived – not in the past – but in the future – in the decisions you make right now for what’s about to happen next.

Leap My Friends!

Today is Leap Day that one day a year that happens every 1,460 days and I think it’s representative of seizing the day, making the most of the time we have been given, but more than anything else I think it represents the idea of “leap year” can be any year, it can be any day, it can be any moment – you choose and decide to do something proactive, something that drives you forward to your potential and future.

In every practice with every patient and certainly with every single individual team member there is some thing – many things – but some one thing that right now would move them forward, would cause them to leap to the next level in their life, their thinking, their beliefs, their skills, their execution, their influence, their confidence.

Your next leap is the key to achieving breakthroughs.

With your Team Members (and overall as a group), their next Leap is what will drive your Practice to achieve things and grow in ways you’ve never thought possible before.

Everything we do here to create Dental Success Today is all about taking Leaps to do what’s right, to do what’s best, to create the Practice, culture and environment that you aspire to have.

I challenge you today to look for your next leap. Decide where, what and how it’s going to happen and then – do it – jump – and propel yourself forward over your next obstacles, challenges, fears, setbacks and difficulties. Do not stay sitting in one spot pondering until it’s too late – doing nothing believing it will change – instead use the strength of your team around you, the energy of the spirit inside of you, and the vision you have in your mind’s eye of what you know is possible and GO FOR IT!

Because that my friends is what life is all about and if you don’t do it first you can’t expect your team or your patients to do it either.

Remember, everyone must take leaps in their life to get where and what they deserve; it’s not going to happen any other way.

Enjoy this extra day as the lily pad of progress you can jump on and over and to your next big exciting thing in your life. Happy Leap Day on the 29th of February – now go forward and make something of it.