Part 2: 8 Myths About ‘Small’ Practices

Continued from last week…buckle up

BREAKING THROUGH TO BIG PROFITS – 8 Myths about ‘Small’ Practices

Myth #5 – Here’s the biggest myth you have ever been told about creating really big dentistry and really big profits in your Dental Practice, no matter how big or small your building, your number of chairs, your team or even your city or town is…

That you CAN’T do it!

Unfortunately this is the one that will hold you back more than any of the others. Absolutely, if you think you can’t do it, then of course you are right. You are standing in your own way of belief and every day you see your patients you pre-judge them, you pull back and downsize their treatment, you present to them step-by-step dentistry and you wonder why you never have any big cases.

I will tell you this, you won’t get rich going one tooth at a time because you will run out of time, you will run out of space, and you will run out of energy.

Sure, there are models out there, the models that people try to force you into where the industry drives you into the ground in order to ramp up your volume of patients and burden you with slim profit margins to keep under their control of doing single tooth dentistry – but – for smart dentists this just isn’t acceptable.

You must break free from this thinking that your patients won’t accept complete comprehensive care. They will and I’m here to prove it to you.

Myth #6 – That your patients don’t have any money…

Good news – every Dentist in America says that – and they are all wrong.

Of course there are patients who do not have any money and guess what they aren’t going to the dentist. People have money and, as I always have to remind my Clients, they just aren’t giving it to you.

Relax. Money is not the problem, it’s all around us, it’s everywhere, money is not the problem. Stop, rewind, reverse and go back to BELIEF because it all stimulates from what you believe is possible and what you are expecting to get.

Myth #7 – The biggest way you can shoot yourself in the foot and diminish the value of your life’s work is believing that you are going to someday sell your practice and rely on that to retire and put away as much money into the back as possible and make-up for all the years that you didn’t max-out your retirement contributions.

Not going to happen, and it’s a very dumb and naïve idea.

Let me tell you why.

First, when you sell your practice for a lot of money you do realize you are going to have to share that with someone…that person is called the big bad government so it’s not going to be as big of a check as you anticipate, even if you do actually manage to get very lucky and cash out with a big figure.

Second, there is no way on earth, unless you are already almost dead, that you will sell your practice for enough money to retire on and live at the same level of lifestyle you are doing now… mainly because when you stop working, guess what, you spend more money and you need more to keep you busy and occupied. When you have your dental practice to rely on, you expense more things than you will ever admit or realize through your cash cow known as your dental practice.

When you sell, you lose your alibi, your expense account, and your ATM machine.

Third, selling your practice is like selling a piece of real estate – once it’s gone you never have it anymore.

The idea of selling it, getting a little money then having the associate who bought it pay you over time only works if you stay involved in some way and most likely you just aren’t going to find someone who can pay you what it’s really worth.

Fourth, on the flip side, if you can sell your practice and add the money to an already healthy retirement then guess what – you didn’t need to sell it anyways – so now you can make a much better decision and get more value for it.

The bottom line is this…when you are doing BIG DENTISTRY, not only can you get a lot more money for your practice because there is more profit to show for it but you accelerate your retirement so much faster because of the icing on the cake. Now you have so many more options when it comes to selling your practice and therefore you can negotiate better, you can be in control and you can maximize your savings and wealth BEFORE you sell so you are not at the mercy of your health, the market, the bank, or anyone else.

Selling your practice should be a luxury not a necessity, should be a bonus at the end of a great career not a retirement strategy. This is only possible when you are getting more out of you Practice every single month by providing big dentistry.

Ok, here we go, the big one, myth number 8th.

What else could there possibly be left? Simple.

Myth #8 – That it’s hard to do…

Nope. It’s not. Actually it’s so much easier than you could ever imagine.

Guess why?!

Because you can start immediately, you can start right now, just being you.

You don’t need to expand, you don’t need equipment, you don’t need to hire or fire anyone, you don’t need more patients, you don’t need to spend a bunch of money.


All you need is a plan, an orchestrated deliberate custom designed planned to take you where you are today and guide you to where you want to be.

Your Small Practice Revolution (no matter how big or small your practice is) will lead you to BIG DENTISTRY PROFITS is a formulaic approach to reverse engineering your success in 5 specific steps.

And I’m going to unveil this exact proven method that absolutely any Dentist in any city or town doing any type of dentistry they choose can create and achieve big dentistry profits without expanding overhead, by breaking free from the dependence on insurance, and exploding your practice profits no matter how big or small your location is and no matter who much your hourly value is today or your gross production was last week, last month or last year.

I call this The Small Practice Revolution, taking back control over your Dental Practice Destiny and achieving BIG DENTISTRY PROFITS not matter the size of your practice, team, treatment rooms, patient base or anything else.

This is more than a mindset, this is more than another system…

This is not a program, a bright shiny object, a seminar, or anything else…

This is a movement – this is a real tangible practice business model that puts you back in control of your life, your dentistry, your practice, your patients, your money!

The only question is –

Will you step up or will you keep getting walked on? Will you accept the challenge or continue to compromise and give in at the mercy of the industry? You can break the cycle of relying on the ideas of the evil forces that have destroyed the integrity and foundation of independent dentists and small practices all over our great country.

You do have to decide for yourself

But You do not have to do it alone

We can do it together

The Revolution Begins March 17th

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