POSITIONAL Management – Creating an Extraordinary Team

Over the past 2 days I had 2 major, major breakthroughs for 2 different Dentists in opposite parts of the country, serving 2 completely different demographics, types of cities and the structure of their staff is completely different.

Both smaller offices, 6 ops, awesome, special people, extraordinary Doctors, of course I like to think that no one makes it through my process unless they fit that description.

Don’t get me wrong, every week is like that for me, it’s what I do, you change lives of the patients you serve and I get the privilege of changing the lives of the Dentists and their team.

It’s a remarkable win/win/win for everyone and it should be.

The breakthroughs for these Dentists ran deep, business structure, growth plan, even practice culture and philosophy.

But more than that it was their specific revenue model, their new patient experience, exactly what their outcome goals are for their patients. How they view success. It’s going to change their lives.

One of them will earn more income than they have ever before in their 30+ year career in the next 90-days.

The other will rebuild his wealth account and pay off more debt in the next 2 years than he has in the previous 20.

The reason…

Because most Dentists never climb to “ownership” income, they always just make enough to pay themselves, stay on top of the overhead, and get by.

Now, today, we are talking about your Team Huddle, we are talking about your People and it may seem strange for me to sharing with you these breakthroughs from other Dentists.

You’d be wrong.

Because their breakthroughs are your breakthroughs.

Most Team Members WANT to be more successful, they want the practice to grow, they certainly want to make more money.

The problem is they equate “growth” to more patients, being busier, and having more stress…working harder.

This is not true.

Before we can get your Team to help you facilitate growth, you have to get everyone on the same page. Playing the same game, moving in the same direction.

And this is much more than just “buy-in” I’m talking about being 100% certain that everyone on the Team knows exactly what role they play in the new patient experience, in treatment suggestions, in case acceptance, in follow-up, for referrals and relationships.

You can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your Team, you have to be POSITIONAL about how you control your staff. Do you follow me here? This is a practice transforming philosophy. Positional Leadership, Positional Responsibility, Positional Performance and Positional Accountability.

Usually a practice is made up of a bunch of players who only know what their own role is, they don’t know what anyone else is doing, and each person is like an army of one instead a team moving down the field, engaging the patient every step of the way.

Your homework today is, ask each person to answer this question:

How do you, personally, visit by visit, each individual patient at a time, impact his/her experience, his/her treatment, his/her relationship with us and healthy mouth, beautiful smile outcome from being a patient here?

Then ask: how can you make it better? How does that help us grow and how would you gauge your level of success at what you are doing on a daily basis?

Get your team involved in the big picture and drive down into their personal positional impact and control.

Help them to OWN their POSITION, not just “have a job” and go through the motions.

Does this make sense?

It changes everything for you and leads to a practice that can sustain and propel itself without your oversight and micromanagement, freeing you up to do what you love, Dentistry I assume, and maybe direction, vision, ideas and strategies for the future.

Do this and magic will happen. Plus, you’ll learn a whole lot about the reality of what your Team actually views as their role and responsibility in your Dental Practice and Patient Service Business.