The 2 Biggest Breakthroughs You’ll Ever Have… Guaranteed!

The number one thing we receive as the highest priority and most important “area of improvement” for Practices BY TEAM MEMBERS … let me repeat this is, from surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews with TEAM MEMBERS is … the desire for improved teamwork and communication.

Hands down, every time.

Some will say it differently. More support, more help, or clear goals which are all types of teamwork and communication. But usually given just a ‘sum it all up in a word or two answer’ they say we wish there was more teamwork and communication.

Communication from Doctor to Patient, from Patient to Doctor, from Team to Doctor, from Doctor to Team, from Front to Back, from Back to Front…


You get the idea.

Now, you want to know the funny thing about this. Well, of course it’s very true, and these are at least two of the top 5 or 6 key leverage points and practice breakthrough areas. Obviously they are areas that never ever get completely mastered, they have to always be a work in progress and there must be systems and structure around them.

Problem is, there usually is not – any system – or structure – for COMMUNICATION and TEAMWORK – zero, zilch, nada.

Oh, there is fancy equipment, continuing education, marketing for new patients, lots of clinical things but no system for how exactly are we going to communicate, check-in, stay organized, keep people involved, and ensure we are acting like a team instead of just being hit over the head whenever a patient is upset, or we forgot something, or someone dropped the ball, or someone quits or whatever happens that is a sign of …

“Hey, we aren’t really that great at communicating or working on practice growth as a team.”

Back to that funny thing I was going to say: It doesn’t matter how big or small, how much production or how little, how many people or how few.

30+ Team Member offices all the way down to just a few…same problems, same top priorities, same key issues. $2,000-$3,000 a day or $20,000-$30,000 a day…teamwork and communication.

The reason why these are so common is because nothing else can be done effectively, consistently, sustainably, seamlessly, satisfactorily and (by the way) profitably without teamwork and communication being at the center of focus for everything else that is going on.

Over the next two days, as we do just about every month, we will be hosting our most recent Dental Success Today Private Clients and their Teams to Nashville. We will be working exclusively, intensely, comprehensively on Teamwork and Communication and the systems and implementation integration of those key elements that are required to take any practice big or small, a little or a lot, to the next level. All by getting everyone on the same page and then dialing in each person’s responsibilities and utilizing their talents, skills and what they do best so they can be the best team member possible.

I can promise you this, because it happens every single time, in every one of these Practices, who all have already very smart and successful people (teams and doctors), they will have breakthroughs, and some of the team members in every practice will have life changing revelations on their own communication and teamwork areas of improvement.

And that will be powerful for them professionally and their team but more importantly it will be powerful for them personally and in many other ways outside what you may even realize.

See, that’s just the thing, we aren’t just about taking care of patients…nope…you can’t be, you are also about growing people, empowering your team, and cultivating champions. The only way to have a group of human beings become winners – is by doing it together – through each individual understanding their role AND VALUE as a team member and their responsibility AND NECESSITY of communication.

Here are my questions for you this week in your Leadership Meetings and Huddles…ask your team: In what ways could we improve our Teamwork and Communication? In what ways could you personally become a more engaged Team Member and grow your own skills at communication?

This is about evolved thinking, about growing people, about empowering development of the two key, foundational skills and strengths of any group of people working together for a common goal and purpose – Teamwork and Communication!

Focus on mastering THIS and you’ll master a lot more than you set out for and your Practice will achieve its greatest breakthroughs all at the same time.

If you want to learn more about this and my philosophies and concepts of how we help you create Champions…go here, right now I’ll personally help you and include a copy of my Team Transformation Book as bonus gift in the Practice Prosperity Package…

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