The 3 Kinds Of Dentists, Which Are You?

We all make choices in life – deciding between two or more competing options. “Opportunity Cost” I like to call it. Every day another set of decisions that either validate and support your goals and objectives, moving you forward, or acting as a stalemate of paralysis or worse yet moving you further away from the practice you really want to have.
There is no standing still, or staying the same.

There is only Forward or Backward, but no neutral.

In this Weekly Report I give you three specific types of Dentists that I come across, each one of them fits into one of these categories.

Be sure to read all the way through because you will find one of the most controversial paragraphs and bold statements ever written at the end – it’s worth the read, that I promise you.

First, you have those struggling to keep up cashflow and collections with the bills and payroll, and working every month hoping there is some left over for them to take home. Usually everyone finds themselves in this situation at one point or another, possibly starting out, or after going through some life changes or transitions or tragedies, or it could be the results of misjudgment or poor decisions.

Listen to this please – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This is not uncommon, there is no problem with struggle or hard times or even mistakes or failure, the only problem is choosing to let it paralyze you.

Either way, whatever it is, the good news is, you do not have to be defined by your circumstances. You see, this first type of person is not the “circumstances” or state of struggle, rather it is the person who chooses to do nothing and stay there…they get caught up in the cycle (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycle), usually because it has become habitual to except nothing more.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You are capable of snapping out of it. It does however require some bold action, something dramatic; nothing gradual, methodical, or slow will work. Not if you are one of these first type of Doctors.

When stuck in the mud, you don’t have to wallow in there, you can get out, you just need a tug, someone to throw in the rope and pull, to help you get back to where you want to be.

The second type of Dentist is the one who is doing “okay” and just kind of coasting by, maybe they feel their practice has plateaued, maybe they don’t even realize they are being complacent and accepting of the status quo.

Of course you get to choose your level of ambition, which is the point of this message, however you really have to question your true intentions if you are doing “just enough” to get by and keep the ship sailing.

I mean, really, you only live once, c’mon, there has to be something bigger, a force driving you, maybe desires, family, even your team, or a charity, surely there is a reason to push yourself and challenge and improve your performance.

All in all, I don’t like people that turn into robots doing the same thing every day and going along for the ride. I always like to ask this question, are you LIVING life or is it LIVING you?

Is your Practice your Master or are you it’s Master?

Usually no one will admit to being happy with at or below average performance, most just lost sight of what they really want, they might even be bored, things uninteresting, not exciting any more.

Hey, there is nothing wrong with that, it happens, in fact it happens to all of us and that’s why everyone just needs a little re-invigoration and motivation.

That is the breakfast of champions! When you stop being hungry it’s time to either have someone kick a boot in your backside and get with it or hang it up and move on.

Lastly, my favorite of course, are the Over-Achievers, the never-satisfied with things “as-is” and always pushing for greatness. These are dentists who really value life, every minute of it, and they know an increase in productivity and effectiveness means an extra day a month with the family or another day each week pursuing other endeavors.

People who hustle experience more, do more, help more, are generally happier. They have purpose and passion and are on a mission to be their best and they make others around them better.

These Doctors have ambition, a bucket list, they have reasons to be at peak performance and to accelerate progress – they accept responsibility and they, as I like to say in line with my very best sports analogy, THEY WANT THE BALL!

They want to win. Every-Day!

Here’s the deal, plain and simple, if you aren’t waking up energized, excited, motivated with a vigor and hunger in your gut and a laser focus in your eye and acute mental clarity of your purpose then there is something off, out of alignment, you aren’t as happy or prosperous or productive as you could be.

There are three kinds of people in this world and in every single industry on earth. There are 3 kinds of Dentists.

Those that watch things happen…

Those that stand around wondering what happened…


Those that make things happen…

Whether you are over-achieving all of your goals and objectives, falling short slightly but want to improve, or in need of some major mind shift, wake up call, dramatic acceleration, kick in the pants or life-line to financial freedom.

There are very specific things that people who make things happen DO and BELIEVE. I am going to put your success, income, and wealth attraction on the fast track to everything you could have ever imagine.