The 3 Priorities for All Dentists

Each week my goal is to bring you positive perspective on your Practice and your life as a Dentist, how to make it better for you and for those you serve. It’s a powerful thought that today, ‘this day’ will be your last.

It’s with that in mind I believe your day, your practice, your life should be exactly the way you want it to. Designed to bring out your strengths, to support your passions, and to provide the lifestyle you desire for your time on the planet and for the family that you care for.

This is a worthy ambition. You deserve it.

There are countless number of professions, jobs, businesses, roles in your community you could have chose, in exchange for investing your life, time, money, career, and sacrificing along the way you chose Dentistry.

Kudos to you. It’s my favorite industry on earth. For many reasons, some day I will share them with you. I love Dentists. Usually you don’t get enough credit for the health-care you provide to patients and the dramatic impact the mouth and a person’s dental health has on a patient life overall.

Of course, I know I’m preaching to the choir here. You know these things.

So why then do so many Dentists settle – for less than they deserve, for a practice that is not ideal, or at best underperforming.

Why do Dentists sell themselves short.

I will tell you this, it’s usually because they don’t believe ‘more’ is possible for them. In fact, every day as you go through your routine in your office you get conditioned to believe this is the way things are suppose to be.

You stop challenging the status quo. The ‘same as always’ and you get caught up in the cycle of things.

I’m here today, and every week, to break you out of that thinking, to open your mind to the possibilities and to build a bridge from where you are today to where you really want to be.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side – and I say – well, why not go over there and find out.

What matters in life is not what OTHER PEOPLE DO, what matters is that you LIVE and WORK and LOVE and EARN up to your potential in everything you do. That’s what feeling and being fulfilled is all about.


You are not supposed to be or feel stressed at the end of the day.
You are not supposed to worry about the Practice when you aren’t there.
You are not supposed to have to play Office Manager and supervisor AND Dentist.


But then, after all, you get what you expect and accept.

In all my conversations with Dentists, the interviews I conduct, and the in-depth, intense, fully immersed Practice Profit and Lifestyle Blueprint Consulting Days there are always commonalities among Dentists.

There is no cookie cutter approach, YET,
There are things You share in common with others.

I have categorized them into 3 overall ‘Big Rocks’ or Priorities that lead to a happier, more prosperous, and lifestyle driven Dental Practice.

They are…

The need and desire for more higher quality patients who refer and appreciate dentistry and believe so much so that they will listen and invest, or as I like to say accept and follow-through with treatment.

And then there is THE BIG ONE, perhaps the most complicated and complex piece of every practice in the world:

People and Communication.

Simply put, nothing in life happens without communication. That means you have a big problem if there are communication problems. If your team is inefficient, ineffective, or in any way ‘not’ on the same page with each other, the patient, or worst case scenario the Doctor, it can be devastating and you not even know it.

Team Communication and internal systems to manage operations are one of the most critical parts of every Practice. This includes keeping morale up, energizing the troops, treating every patient like their the most important and on and on.

The good news, this is all manageable and you can have consistency day in and day out and train your team to manage and run the practice without you, you can achieve independence.

Finally and your favorite, as it should be:

Practice success and profitability and satisfaction of the Dentists come from performing, treating, and caring for Patients with COMPLETE DENTISTRY.

I always say, you invest so much in continuing education, more than any other industry on the earth, and yet so rarely do you get a chance to apply the skills, talents, passions that you have and acquire on your patients.

Learning the ART of Comprehensive Dentistry from a Patient psychology, presentation, education, and overall experience standpoint CHANGES EVERYTHING!

And you get to have a lot more fun.

I could carry on about this one and in fact I will.

On Monday Night I’m going to walk through each of these in great detail and spell out exactly how to embrace the 3, what I call, MindShifts for any and every practice.

That you must make to maximize your potential, accelerate your growth, and better care for your patients – and profit along the way.

You can read through all the details of everything I’m going to cover, including my never before ‘released’ 7-Deadly Sins of Your Dental Practice. What happens in your office that sabotages you of success and works against your mission and efforts that you may not even realize.

If we fight back against these 7 and stop falling victim to them you can transform your practice to the next level and beyond with the 3 Mind Shifts I have shared with you today. Leave these 7 in place, no chance, you’ll be on a repetitive cycle of frustration and mediocrity and have no idea why.

The most powerful part of the 3 Mind Shifts is you can design the Practice however you want it to be. There is no cookie cutter approach, it is different and unique for every single Dentist, practice, team, city, patient base – and yet – you can’t separate it from these 3 Mind Shifts.

They must occur in every shape and size, style and type of Dental Practice Model and for every Dentist regardless of philosophy of practicing and caring for patients. They will all look different within each office, but at the core, you can’t find sustainable success without these 3 Mind Shifts of thinking.

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Finally, I will leave you with this…

My advice to every Dentist is to follow the 5 steps to success – in any sport, hobby, profession, life in general, there are things you can do to BE MORE ATTRACTIVE to success and prosperity, to set yourself up TO BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE.

1. Have an open mind, always be searching and curious, this is a sign of a smart person, not someone who is detoured by the next bright shiny object, but someone who is interested in BETTER ways of doing things, of honing their skills, and on an expedition in life for More, Better, Faster.

2. Stay hungry, have a bucket list, reasons why, ambition drives passion, if you have no personal motivation you will have no professional motivation. You are a human after all…go back to the ones you love, set goals, relight the fire in your belly, desire is NATURAL if you lack it YOU have a problem not everyone else. Find it, it’s there. Over time you forget to serve yourself first…you have to…remember, what they say on the airplane YOUR OXYGEN MASK before others – such is life – don’t fight it.

3. Be a leader, empower your team, you are always the example that everybody watches, if for no other reason I am valuable to you in your life because I will provide you with a pat on the back or a kick in the rear which ever you deserve at the time. You need someone pushing you…because your game sets the tone if you are bored, burnt out, stressed, pessimistic, or any other adjectives that get in the way of good things EVERYONE else will follow suit.

4. Balance out your continuing education…clinical is great and necessary BUT there are so much more aspects to your life and practice, such as BUSINESS, systems, people, motivation, psychology…YES you are getting so much of that here from me, and my Private Clients and Top Performing Dentists are Competitive and follow my lead, just remember you have to be well rounded if you want to truly serve the patients.

5. Finally, if you are not happy, excited, jumping up and down every day to run into your practice or at least for the ‘what’s next’ of your business, practice, career path – if you don’t know, or don’t feel like you have clarity and direction and focus – or if you feel like something is a little bit off, it most certainly is. There is a saying “a blinding flash of the obvious” – in every practice there is this…get help, combine your expertise with someone else, you DO NOT have to be all things to all people ESPECIALLY YOURSELF – hey, that’s why I’m here…don’t try to do my job, you already have one, you’re a Dentist and Practice Owner. I’m here to help YOU, remember.

Success is not an a la carte menu, it’s a recipe. I believe these 5 ingredients create a happier life, more peaceful person, and a success plan (whatever your definition of success is, completely up to you) that you can follow and achieve.

That’s exciting.

I hope you find these very provocative and refreshing.

Here’s to your success and all that’s to come.


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