The Greatest Threat Is to Do Nothing — Do This, Instead…

Last week, I unveiled a personalized battle plan to go on offense, get out ahead, overcome obstacles, and conquer the threats facing Private Practice Dentistry today.

If you missed my Whiteboard Strategy Session, you can watch the on-demand replay right here…

Watch the Whiteboard Session On-Demand Replay:

“Overcoming Today’s Most Pressing Threats
to Private Practice Dentistry”

Your Keys to Conquering Dentistry’s Most Daunting Challenges
By Engineering Your Practice For Minimum Volume and Maximum Profit

Watch the On-Demand Replay

The two most important points I made about the ‘state of things’ and the ‘times’ we are in, is the choice you have to turn every one of these threats into opportunities in order to thrive as an Independent Doctor… compared to what most do which is become the victim to the circumstances and conform to the pressures around them.

Instead, I challenged you to do the exact opposite.

Here’s the reality: most independent practitioners are the furthest thing from independent. In fact, they are quite literally dependent in every way. So, instead of taking the responsibility to become self-reliant and maximize their business from a position of strength – they operate from a place of weakness, make decisions based on fear, fall for the trap of commoditization, and wind up in a cycle of self-defeating behaviors.

Don’t let this be you. Take a stand and be your own Champion.

Just as I stand up to be your Champion right beside you. I proved that once again in my Whiteboard Session that is all about the Pride of Independent Dentistry, the Power of Private Practice, and the Profitability of Ownership.

You can have it all… balance, lifestyle, time, fulfillment, prosperity… if you engineer your practice model properly and you take advantage of the current threats, trends, and forces in-and-outside of our industry.

I show you how to do that with a paint by number private practice playbook for success and independence…

Watch the On-Demand Replay of the Practice Success Whiteboard Session

My promise to you – and one of many reasons why my doctors confide, rely, and believe in me – is because I tell the truth. I also give you permission and a plan to achieve your own definition of success, discover your potential, and create your happiness.

Right here, right now, I’m going to tell you something that no one has probably ever told you before. Something the industry doesn’t want you to ever wake up and realize. It’s going to hurt but only for a second because I’m about to take away all of your pain.

Here’s the truth…

Most Dental Practices are not set-up to grow, to profit, or to make the dentist rich. They are only designed to be businesses where the doctor is self-employed. Said another way: you work for, report to, and are at the mercy of the practice – not the other way around.

Think about it. When you decided to become an Independent Professional Practice Owner in the dental industry, were you signing up just to have a job?

Being a dentist and owning your own practice should be about INDEPENDENCE not only for the business you own, but most importantly for the life you lead.

The problem is… you are taught by the same industry you are expected to serve; an industry that’s based on volume, hours next to the chair, quantity of patient visits, with a churn-and-burn mentality. Your only path forward (according to the industry) is to work harder to make more, work harder to get ahead, work harder to someday be freed from the shackles that is your practice.

No! This is not what owning a business is all about. I know because I owned my first business before I could drive a car. You deserve better and everything you have ever dreamed to be different about your practice is possible. I promise you that.

You probably know a whole lot more about being a dentist than being a business owner. You have probably learned most of your strategies from the school of hard knocks, being street smart, learning the hard way, taking a few detours, and living through a few ups and downs.

Well, I have good news because you are in the right place, here with me.

If you can take out a sheet of paper or send your self a text message, I would like to ask you to write down ANYTHING you desire to change, make different, adjust, or transform in your practice that would make it more ideal for you – I’m about to make that happen.

In fact, I have become the Master of Practice Transformation and can take any dentist anywhere in the country, in any insurance situation, demographic city, clinical interest or specialty, with any team… and take the practice as it exists today and make it match exactly what the doctor envisions – one that produces pride, excitement, fulfillment, satisfaction, and prosperity.

Here’s how… Through my principles of Private Practice, we can engineer a practice and the lifestyle you want – not what the practice, the industry, your competitors, or even colleagues think you should have – it’s the practice you want.

For more than two decades now I have been The Champion of Private Practice and the leading Advocate for Independent Dentistry. I have delivered on my promise of no cookie-cutters solutions and no one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, uniquely creating a vision, blueprint, reality that is yours and yours alone.

My whiteboard sessions and my custom profit blueprints are not another manual, seminar, or hyped-up ‘you must do this or else’ charade. Instead, it’s based on a Practice Business Model that works for the doctor, team, and patients – giving you the practice you want, the life you’ve earned, and the income you deserve – coupled with the clinical dentistry that excites you with the patient outcomes and experiences that match your purpose, passion, and mission.

I would venture to say that my most recent Whiteboard Series on Private Practice may very well be the most time-sensitive and impactful presentation you can watch. Even I was surprised by the feedback I received from practice owners who were blown away by my positivity, outlook, and most importantly actual strategic plan to combat the challenges of today.

This response has compelled me to share it with every dentist who reads my Weekly Report and takes their Practice Ownership seriously, who desires more and knows there is a better way.

Whether you have already reached the pinnacle of your career and you’ve climbed the mountains of dental success or you’re presently down in the valley trying to figure out which way to turn… you are going to have your mind astonished, your vision expanded, your reality shaken… because what you know to be true just might be the very things holding you back.

Right now, your practice is set up to only produce at a certain level, profit at a certain level, deliver results for you, your team, your patients at a certain level. Anything short of on purpose is accidental, anything short of by design is random.

I show you how to gain back control once and for all with a proven customizable formula around your individual situation, goals, and practice circumstance. You’ll discover how to transform your practice to create opportunity, to guarantee your results, and to operate on your own terms.

This is how you protect and prosper even in the most difficult times with the most challenging conditions.

Don’t miss my discussion around internal and external, indirect and direct threats. I will show you exactly what to do about those forces happening inside and outside of your practice and put you in the best position possible to thrive by taking your independence to the next level.

That is exactly what my Practice Success Whiteboard Session will do for you.

Embrace the pride, power, and profit of Private Practice by winning against the greatest threats our industry has ever faced…

Scott Manning’s Practice Success Whiteboard Session:

“Overcoming Today’s Most Pressing Threats
to Private Practice Dentistry”

  • How to protect your income, overcome competition, and make your practice more profitable than ever before.

  • Understanding today’s most significant threats to the prosperity, longevity, and autonomy of Independent Dentists – and how to respond.

  • A can’t-miss strategy to eliminate tedious management and staffing issues from your practice once and for all.

  • How a “slowdown” in new patients, hygiene, and acceptance actually SKYROCKETS opportunities for savvy Independent Dentists all it takes is one simple shift in perspective.

  • Keys to transitioning from an insurance-driven, Dentistry-as-Commodity Pricing Model to a Lifestyle Practice Model quickly and easily – without Stress, Turnover, or Chaos.

  • The secret to designing a completely Self-Managed Practice… imagine the relief of knowing that your top priorities will “JUST GET DONE” without you having to micro-manage.

  • What you must do NOW to reinvigorate your practice, excite your team, serve your patients, make more money, and have more fun.

  • And much, much more.

Watch the On-Demand Replay