The Magic of Believing…in Yourself!

Yes, it’s true. Maybe there is no other profession where the Doctor has a tendency to analyze and over-think just about every part of the business and day. While I don’t see this is a bad thing, after all, it’s what makes you, you.

And my belief is always, that we never have to change the Quarterback (the Dentist) remains as they wish to be, we simply work around their strengths, enhance what makes them great, and design the practice to match their vision.

Still, over-thinking can suppress creativity, it can slow down growth, and more than anything else it leads to self-sabotage of what’s actually possible.

Every day, just about, I have to breakdown the goals on a piece of paper and show my Dentists exactly how something is possible and how it all adds up.

If you can’t count it up on paper then you darn sure can’t put it in the bank.

I’m not sure why Dentists don’t use their skills of analysis and apply this to business, beats me, but hey, I’m glad, otherwise I would have no purpose here now would I.

Life is about finding people, places, and things to combine experience and expertise and leverage each other to use each of our talents and skills and get to where we want to go faster, with less struggle, burden, sacrifice, frustration.

It’s not always about the shortest distance between here and there, it is also about the path you would most enjoy. Perhaps that is actually more important.

As you look forward to 2015 you have the power and choice to dictate and predict your own income. Why Dentists look at the past year and decide on some random arbitrary growth goal of percentage points is beyond me, in no other industry do people do this, they don’t think about the least they can possible grow, they decide how much they want, what they want the number to look like and then make it happen.

Please don’t get stuck in your ways.

It is not difficult to increase your daily production or your end of day collections.

NO. Stop believing that it should be hard.

Yes, if you wake up today, go into the office, and look at your schedule, sure, in this moment in time if you try to manifest patients with cash pay treatments that day, it may not always be easy, not impossible, I can give you story and strategy one after the other, however, by the time the day gets here you are putting yourself and your team at a disadvantage.

Why not have your Day pre-planned and determined in advanced to be more productive and profitable.

Think about it.

Give yourself a raise.
Pay off your debt faster.
Share with your Team.
Hit your goals.

Think big, bigger, make this the biggest and best year of your career.

How? By reverse engineering your Collections and Profit.

How much do you want to earn, what is your profit margin or income based upon, how many days a year or month do you want to work, how much does each day need to be worth, and please don’t count Hygiene, make that a bonus, stop figuring that into your base income number, first is the least profitable of anything you will ever do and it should be seen as lead generation and bonus income stream not the cornerstone of the practice to help make your daily numbers easier to hit. That’s BS. Playing not to lose instead of playing to win. Step up. Demand more.

Now that you have that number, figure it out, outline it for your day or week, what has to happen, what treatment mix do you need possible to make the numbers work and achieve your daily goals.

Of course, this is all based around my primary belief that you PUT THE PATIENT FIRST, actually if you do this with my concept of pre-education and patient nurturing and patient survey and you really empower your Team to get personal with your patients this will be easy.

Before you can earn a million dollars of profit in your Dental Practice you have to believe it is possible. You have to see it on paper.

Adding $5,000 a day to your Production, how many ways can you do that? You probably have a couple larger cases a month right now, what if we could get one more a month, a week, a day?

You most likely have the patient flow and new patients to create this, perhaps we aren’t cultivating it throughout the culture of your practice and every interaction and relationship building strategy with your patients.

Look, it’s pretty simple, you look out for everyone else, someone must be looking out for you, that’s my job, as your confidant and conscience that you are not settling for less than you deserve that you are not selling yourself short.

Quite frankly, your best use out of me is a pat on the back when you deserve it and a kick in the ass when you need it.

Life’s short, stop making excuses. Numbers don’t lie. Truly put your patients first and believe that comprehensive dentistry is in the best interest of your patients long-term health and then get everyone on board speaking the same language providing a congruent experience and watch the magic happen.

Broken down into HOUR BY HOUR BY PROVIDER BY PATIENT VISIT it’s really not that difficult to double your practice, it’s a matter of whether or not you are willing to challenge yourself and look in the mirror everyday and be proud of your accomplishments and passionate about your mission.

Changes, Implementation, Strategic Adjustments are not that difficult to see, they are however more difficult to do, and DOING is the only thing that matters.

Get out of your own way…get out of your own mind…get out from under your glass ceiling…and get out in front of patients who want to proceed with treatment waving their money in front of you willing to pay and appreciate the amazing life changing skills and talents your dentistry provides…that is how you make magic happen every day – it’s inside of your four walls right now every day, like Presents under the tree waiting to be unwrapped…

Perhaps you just need a bigger vision, there is after all power in believing.

Here’s a thought, why not let me be your Santa Claus, it’s okay to ask for help, tell me what you really want, give me your wish list, I’m ready, are you…