The Power (and PROFIT) of Quality Questions!

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I could give you many examples and analogies on this one. You know, the two ears and one mouth – shhhhh…ut up and listen, philosophy.

At the end of the day, the questions you ask in your life will determine what life will bring back to you. When you are a LEADER of people, both your Team and your Patients, the secret to influence is to listen and understand.

When I was in Martial Arts, I began when I was 5 years old, started my own business at age 15 and built up a 6-location empire just out of high school, I learned all about influence and leadership.

My Grandmaster from Korea used to give a speech about “understanding” and he would always say – DIVIDE the word into 2 parts.



It really means to STAND UNDER someone, in order to UNDERSTAND them. And I never forgot that. The way you observe and really get to know a person is by asking them questions.

I can go into any Dental Practice on earth (I do it every week) and create a culture of quality questioning of your patients and with this single action double your new patient production in 90-days (it is not difficult, you can reap the same thing with Hygiene, and with referrals).

You’ll see how fast you can compound and multiply the results in your practice!

And guess what…

Your patients will also enjoy their visit more, give you more and better reviews, and bring people back with them.

When huddling with your Team every morning, make sure to ASK QUALITY QUESTIONS – and teach them to do the same.

The biggest complaint internally amongst Teams is always misunderstandings that occur, breakdown in communication, and inconsistency.

This is a result of making assumptions and not asking questions.

In order to be great at asking questions you must first actually want to listen and learn about people and second you must practice. It begins with you, then your team, and finally your patients.

Watch and see.

Decide on just one or two KEY questions to ask EVERY Patient TODAY and have every Team Member who interacts with a Patient do this and get ready to fill up your schedule with the production that comes in the form of Patient Answers.

New Patients…you say…oh, well, now that’s another story. This is where the magic happens. Ever have a patient ‘sell-themselves’, of course, well imagine that happening every time and for 2-4-10x the value of production…

Quality Questionsl Life changing, difference making, team building, practice profit and production inducing.

Good Luck! Here’s to a great week and morning motivation to drive daily results!

Scott J Manning, MBA

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