The SWITCH You Must Flip

Well we are now just one day away from one of the most provocative and comprehensive “lifestyle practice transformation” presentations I’ve ever done before. It’s called the 7 Practice Growth Accelerators, actually, wrapped inside of those 7 core elements is a specific formula for creating the “dream practice” you desire.

The Practice that makes your insides churn with excitement and ignite the fire in your belly. It’s going to be amazing. If you follow and do these 7 things right, it can literally “change” or perhaps better said, improve everything.

Leading up to that (and most certainly something I’ll talk more about tomorrow) is the SWITCH you have to make to get control back over your schedule and manufacture (or what I call reverse engineer) the success you want to have.

This switch must be made in ALL TEAM MEMBERS too.

Since we’re talking HUDDLE this morning, as we do EVERY Monday morning, I want to give this to you from the Teams’ perspective.

Basically everyday people show up to work, if you do a Huddle as you should, you have some sense of organization, then they dive into the day, you churn and burn, some days more chaos is caused or messes made than others, you adjust throughout, and then everyone winds down and heads out the door.

EVERYTHING in a ‘typical’ (which we avoid like the plague) dental practice is designed around “today’s schedule” – it’s about what’s in it and what’s on the books.

The Team Members show up to “do the work” – PRODUCE the Dentistry.

And this my friends is ALL WRONG. This turns every single person in your Practice into an EXPENSE and your Patients into INVENTORY; instead of Patient Relationships being opportunities and Team Member time + expertise being an asset.

How every business on the earth is judge is by HOW MUCH THEY CREATE (or if you can handle the truth of the word and what you do: SELL). It’s about CONTINUATION of the Patient Experience and Relationship, not about culmination of a transaction, task, or next item on the list, number on the schedule, get it done and over with, move ‘em in and out type of mentality.

The word Sell, by the way, means to give some-thing in exchange for money. It means to persuade, I like to extrapolate that into influence, educate, make believer in…in Dentistry. You sell HEALTH, responsibility, smiles, functioning mouths, confidence, self-worth, etc, etc.

And before ANYONE asks for a DOLLAR, the patient had darn well better be sold first on the idea that ANY OF YOU even matter, that their oral health matters, that they care about having dentistry in their LIVES.

As long as you maintain the idea that your days are about “producing” dentistry in the schedule that is already there – you are going to have a bunch of people working JOBS and costing you money while making very few patients COMPLETELY healthy.

When you flip the switch (or switch the flip) to understanding your real objective and how you will be judged by your patients (and your profits) at the end of every day to: HOW MUCH DENTISTRY DID WE CREATE, HOW MANY PATIENTS DID WE MAKE HEALTHY …not today, not what was already set-up, not what has now passed us by and is done and over with in the computer system and accounting software.

INSTEAD focus on THE FUTURE, how much dentistry was placed into the SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK, NEXT MONTH, how much money was collected for treatment YET TO BE DONE.

Then and only then will you get ahead of your production goals, get control over the schedule, maximize your capacity, and truly achieve your potential.

You can chase your tail and pretend it’s fun trying to drive your numbers every day, trying to cram as much stuff into the schedule as humanly possible; you can be running on the hamster wheel of hustle-and-bustle-production and you will at very best never get out of this cycle and you will continue to have turnover, ups and downs, stress in your days, and inconsistency in your numbers.

Or you can shift your thinking to being future focused and empower everyone to be creators not just producers.

It’s dramatic, life-changing for you and everyone you serve and who serves you.

Right now 999 out of 1000 Dental Practices in the World are only as good as their next week or maybe month of scheduled production. If they take a week off, if they have a bad day it ruins their month because they have no real control over what happens; there’s nothing deliberate about any of it.

They, perhaps You, are missing 50% – HALF – of the entire side of your Business. Your focus, your systems, your training never covers THIS part of your Dental Practice Business and Team Development. The “priority” is on what’s already happened instead of what’s going to happen.

In life we call that…letting life happen to you instead of you happening to life.

It’s no good out in the world and its disastrous inside of a business, for the owner, the employees, and your customers. You can refer to his trio as a Dentist, a Team, and Patients and only deal with the “clinical” side of your Practice; however this is going to result in you falling victim to the reality of how this whole thing is really suppose to work and must be managed.

You can ensure a solid foundation by tuning into and paying attention when I present the 7 Practice Growth Accelerators.

Next week, right here, I’ll give you the 3 most dramatic ways to immediately flip the switch and instantly propel yourself and your team ahead of where you are today with the best ways to integrate this “other side” of your practice into the daily flow.