Your Biggest Profit Opportunity in 3 Small Changes

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If there is one overriding complaint I hear from Dentists and their team in the back it is the mishandling of the schedule and lack of optimization and efficiency to support 1) your preferences 2) your most profitable flow and production schedule and 3) the most predictable and controllable daily collections.

Make no mistake about it, your schedule is the most critical aspect of your day, it is your asset. Without proper management of this, nothing else matters. Literally. Period. End of story.

Now, the thing is, in only 37% of cases is the front desk just lazy or sympathetic to the whims of patients that inevitably create a very unprofitable unenjoyably day, the other 63% want to do well, they simply lack clear consistent communication and congruence between the restorative, hygiene, and admin team.

And it must be fixed.

There are usually a combination of two or three out of a possible eight different problem areas that create this inconsistency and lack of ideal performance by your scheduling team.

This is a longer topic for another day, or we can address it together over the phone if you go to I cover all of these areas inside of my Perfect Dental Practice Prosperity Package of Resources.

Anyhow, back to the point. We can’t let this schedule or any issues within your team go, not for another single day or even patient visit.

When it comes to aligning your team and creating members who are empowered and also independent from you, there are four absolutely essential necessities when you strive to led your team to success on a daily basis.

You must have team buy-in with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that are not generically outlined but very specific to each individual person. Then you want to create various structured benchmarks, accountability, and parameters that are checked and balances out with everyone on your team. Finally you have to attach these outcomes to a direct incentive that results from each team member meeting their own individual goal and objective.

Okay, so this is a lot to cover, however, it’s all very important and you just can’t take anything for granted each of these are essential to your success.

Inside of my Practice Prosperity Package I cover each of these and also I write about this in my newly released Dental Practice Shift book, you can access all of this at

To summarize for this week, here’s what I want you to do, pick a morning huddle and separate each team member so that all three departments are represented, restorative, hygiene, admin, and then have them separate out and answer these three questions.

Where does communication breakdown for us?

If we focus on our goal of maximizing our daily production what could we be doing better and how can we be working better together?

Based on our goal of perfect patient service at a profit, what’s one thing we can do today to make a difference to make the patient experience better and provide more complete treatment?

When I do team trainings these are questions we answer early and often and we build the ideal, perfect day in your office, for you, your team, and your patients. I show you how to connect these three things together, actually all one in the same, but for every practice they are applied differently.

I challenge you this week to take my Morning Huddle and ask the tough, significant questions that affect every area of your practice and especially your daily production without losing your peace of mind.

Please take a very aggressive and obsessive look at this, I will guide you through it when you request my resource package at

Next week, we break it down one component at a time, until then, request my complementary resource package and present these three questions to your Team and exert your leadership and let’s make progress this week!