Do You Know The Answer To This Question?!

There’s something I’ve never told you…and I believe it’s time. Actually I’m asked this question a lot and I always answer it in the same way. But, never here, not publicly to my loyal ambitious minded progressive Dentists who strive, desire, and deserve more in life and from their practice. So, listen up because what… Read more »

Making “Dentistry” A Team Sport

Last week I talked you through the individual participation that each Team Member has as responsibility to engage your Patients to achieve more comprehensive cases. Bad news…almost guaranteed you are only using one out of a dozen or so high fee case accelerator leverage points in your Patient Experience and it’s probably the strategy of… Read more »

Get Out Of The Way And Let Your Champions Play

If there is one major anchor that appears in every single Practice of all the Dentists I talk to every single week…it’s the Anchor of the DENTIST holding back the potential of the Team Members, especially the Champions of the Practice. They do this unintentionally by unnecessarily carrying the burden of all things on their… Read more »