The Only Real Competition You Have in Dentistry

In just a few hours during my Whiteboard Strategy Session, I’m going to reveal in great detail how you can take advantage of the power of small numbers and leverage that into increased differentiation to create demand and help you build better patients… “The Undeniable Power of Private Practice Dentistry” Now, the best news of… Read more »

The Power of Preference in Private Practice

You want to know something very interesting? I received tons of amazing feedback from last week’s Report. And those who gave the best feedback, found the most value, decided to do something with it… of course, as you would expect… are those who are already peak performing doctors and practices. It’s a pretty simple concept…. Read more »

The Power of Process for Patient Success

One of the greatest Powers of Private Practice is your ability to control, determine, and create processes that align with your vision. Processes that actually orchestrate success. All too often doctors and teams fall into the trap of doing things the same way because that’s the way they’ve always done them. They adopt these methods… Read more »

Embracing the Power of Private Practice

It was really refreshing to receive such significant feedback (and more accurately a whole lot of “hell-ya’s”), from my recent Private Practice Reports we focused on in the first quarter. I have great news. There are more coming your way. In fact, I pride myself (more so than anything else) on being the Champion for… Read more »