The 3 Threat Types Compromising the Integrity (and Profit) of Private Practice Dentistry

Last week, I laid the groundwork for the most time-sensitive and applicable virtual training I’ve ever done for Weekly Report Doctors. It’s turning out to be our most registered Whiteboard Session I’ve hosted all year. Rightfully so. If you haven’t registered, you should do that now… Live Whiteboard Session with Scott J Manning, MBA: “Overcoming Today’s… Read more »

The Fight for Private Practice Dentistry

In keeping with our most worthy theme this week regarding your freedom – it is vital to realize that independence is both a choice and a responsibility. For its value is entirely reliant upon what you choose to do with it. This is why I say the greatest difference between independence and dependence is desire,… Read more »

Achieving True Independence in Dentistry

Over the last few weeks, we have been reviewing the key leverage points for practice growth. The last one is the one that has the greatest implication… Schedule Control. The greatest equalizer of life is the utilization (or the waste) of time. How one invests their time and the value you place on it will be the… Read more »

Show Me the Money… In Dentistry

As we make our way through the four pillars of leverage in Dentistry, I’m excited to move to the ultimate scoreboard. The Money. Few are willing to say it and yet those same people are the ones that complain most about it. If you just accept, guilt free, the responsibility of the financial health and… Read more »