The Truth Teller of Success in Dentistry

The second pillar of success and the most significant determinant of how much you can leverage your time and money link is case acceptance. Maybe the most referenced and focused on aspect of patient engagement. This acts like the judge and jury on several key aspects… Now, don’t limit yourself by thinking case acceptance is… Read more »

The Most Detrimental Mistake That Undermines Practice Success

Over the past few weeks, I have showcased how to go from powerless to powerful by laying out the three most harmful behaviors. What happens in most practices (usually because of the four mindset saboteurs… self-limiting beliefs, preconceived ideas, negative self-talk, and pessimistic attitudes – more on these another time), is the team gives up… Read more »

Your Battle Plan for Leveraging the Advantages of Private Practice Dentistry

Last week, after my exclusive Whiteboard Session all about the Power of Private Practice, one of my dearest friends and greatest champions, Dr. Larry Kaplan (who has spent five decades in dentistry) said it was the best battle plan for leveraging the advantages private practice provides. Now, Dr. Kaplan happens to be one of the most… Read more »