Life-Changing Dentistry CAN’T Happen Without Follow-Up

For nearly two decades, I’ve worked with Private Practice doctors across North America. Some entered our DST universe with their operations running pretty much full steam ahead, looking for my help in making the necessary adjustments so their “small hinges” could swing the “big doors” even more effectively. But far more appeared on my doorstep… Read more »

The ONE Word Guaranteed to Attract Opportunity and Deliver Results

Over the past several weeks I have unpacked the key Threats facing Private Practice Dentistry. I have gone over the economic external factors and the industry specific internal factors. I even presented a special Whiteboard Strategy Session on proactively protecting, preparing, and most of all prospering from these Threats. What most see as disadvantages, inevitable… Read more »

The Greatest Threat Is to Do Nothing — Do This, Instead…

Last week, I unveiled a personalized battle plan to go on offense, get out ahead, overcome obstacles, and conquer the threats facing Private Practice Dentistry today. If you missed my Whiteboard Strategy Session, you can watch the on-demand replay right here… Watch the Whiteboard Session On-Demand Replay: “Overcoming Today’s Most Pressing Threatsto Private Practice Dentistry”… Read more »