Teaching Your Team to Track Their Numbers

Thank You!!! Last week I conducted the highly anticipated Team Transformation Training Tele-class where I walked through the 5 Key Steps to Transforming your team to achieve their highest potential and create a self-manage practice where everyone takes initiative, performs daily, owns their position, and works in concert with you, the patients, and their team… Read more »

3 Magic Moves To Close More Treatment

This week’s Profit Report is all about “THE PATIENT” – oh of course they all are…today though I’m going to provide you with very important psychological tools to help you education, influence, and present more Treatment to WILLING and INTERESTED Patients. Last week we dug deep into the MOST IMPORTANT ‘number’ of your practice and… Read more »

The Most Important Number In Your Practice

If you ask any Dentist to “tell you their numbers” usually they will immediately start talking about Production. Unfortunately your production is about the most historic number of all inside of your Practice. The nature of discussing production and trying to make decisions about growth, changes, what’s next, or anything else for that matter, is… Read more »

Why Bonuses Don’t Work (Part 2)

Okay…so I fooled you last week huh? Here’s the good news… Humans have unlimited potential, it’s just that we usually don’t allow them to explore and grow into that potential. It’s like keeping a child on all fours on the ground and never letting them walk, we often hold our people back. As you know… Read more »

Why Profit Matters

How are you? How’s the week been? What’s new in your life, your practice? I have another question…what are you most excited about right now? What’s going well? And…what is the thing most weighing on your mind right now you believe is the next big breakthrough for your Practice? I know a lot of questions… Read more »