A Test of Truth In Being Thankful

This week, during Thanksgiving in the U.S., what will your people be saying around the dinner table as they hang out with family and talk about ‘work’. You know, they all ask “how’s work”, “what’s new”, “so are you still at Dr. so and so’s?” There’s truth that’s revealed in those kind of conversations. Real… Read more »

3 Daily Success Habits of Great Teams

Hulk Hogan always said, “Say your prayers and take your vitamins.” The obvious one you are used to, “Brush and floss after every meal.” The question is…what should be happening every day in your Practice? What are your daily success habits that drive your team’s performance? Today’s huddle is far more profound than what you… Read more »

Friday the 13th – Superstitions ‘Most’ Dentists Suffer From – Do You?!

Hey, how do you like that. Right after Halloween we get a Friday the 13th to celebrate in the horror and freight of all those superstitious nights. Superstitions are disguised as beliefs in every industry on earth. They make up what is correct, true, possible, expected, normal and customary. They are also down-right, flat-out wrong… Read more »

Turning Frustration into Inspiration

It’s no doubt that once in a while you have bad days, someone makes a mistake, the schedule falls apart or the schedule is crammed full of chaos…the list could keep going of course. Insert YOUR Frustration here or should I say Frustrations with an “s”. And I don’t mean just with the Team because… Read more »