Getting UNSTUCK – with 3 Daily Focuses!

I see a recurring theme amongst Teams that is worthy of much more discussion than just this memo. Actually, most themes recur because after all we are dealing with people… and getting them motivated to show up everyday and make magic happen. The challenges we face and the obstacles we have to overcome are not… Read more »

Part 2: 8 Myths About ‘Small’ Practices

Continued from last week…buckle up BREAKING THROUGH TO BIG PROFITS – 8 Myths about ‘Small’ Practices Myth #5 – Here’s the biggest myth you have ever been told about creating really big dentistry and really big profits in your Dental Practice, no matter how big or small your building, your number of chairs, your team… Read more »

Make Like A Frog And Leap!!!

Little story for you. Seemingly a long time ago, my wife (long before we were ever married) and I were transitioning through a difficult time in our lives, like we all have now and again. I was looking for a gift that would be inspiring to stay strong and keep moving forward. I was wondering… Read more »

The 2 Biggest Breakthroughs You’ll Ever Have… Guaranteed!

The number one thing we receive as the highest priority and most important “area of improvement” for Practices BY TEAM MEMBERS … let me repeat this is, from surveys, questionnaires and personal interviews with TEAM MEMBERS is … the desire for improved teamwork and communication. Hands down, every time. Some will say it differently. More… Read more »