Gaining, Keeping, Accelerating Momentum

Momentum, hitting your stride, the sweet spot where everything just seems so effortless, like it’s all going your way…it’s a great feeling isn’t it?! Feeling unstoppable, the planet’s aligning, all Patients saying yes, smiling, happy, feeding off your energy. The way it’s supposed to be. I repeat, the way it’s supposed to be. My Grandmaster… Read more »

All About ‘Motivation’!

Here’s the truth about Motivation… It doesn’t last. It never does, it’s temporary, it’s just that plain and simple. It is also absolutely necessary. When you grasp and act on this reality you will suddenly transform the culture of your Practice by fueling the fire of your Team and your Patients…it happens first with you…. Read more »

The Secret to a Championship Team

I’d like to share with you a secret of developing championship teams. It’s one that most people do not know and when they do, they ignore it (mainly because it requires a lot of work). It will seem simple yet the power is in it’s execution. Championship teams are made through the development of INDIVIDUALS!… Read more »

The One Question to Ask Your Team this New Year

Welcome back and Happy New Year! It’s like the start of a new season for a Championship Sports Team who just can’t wait to get back on the field and see what they are made of all over again. It’s time to be refreshed, renewed, refocused, reinvigorated about the possibilities that exist for you personally… Read more »