Turning Frustration into Inspiration

It’s no doubt that once in a while you have bad days, someone makes a mistake, the schedule falls apart or the schedule is crammed full of chaos…the list could keep going of course. Insert YOUR Frustration here or should I say Frustrations with an “s”. And I don’t mean just with the Team because… Read more »

Helping Patients Say YES!

I write it right here every week in some form or another, giving you so many ways to help your patients get healthy and move forward with the necessary dentistry that will change their life. What else are we about, if not this? What else are we doing everyday, if not this? What else should… Read more »

Lessons from the Mountains – Level 10 Teams!

You can’t fake passion. Authenticity. Genuine caring. Nope, it’s not possible. You also can’t fake focus and attentiveness. There is nothing more powerful than actually looking into your patients’ eyes and listening. Hearing what they say and engaging them in emotional and intimate dialogue about their mouth and the way it matters to their health,… Read more »

The 3 Stages of Psychological Patient Buying

It’s fair to say that the most controversial debate between dentists is their approach and philosophy to proactive, preventative care and what their (your) role is in actually moving patients forward with their health. There are those who believe you present all treatment and those who believe you only provide acute emergency dental crisis management…. Read more »

Trick or Treat With Your Team

This could be one of the most dramatic shifts in your thinking, depending on where you are at in your mindset right now. Here it is… You have many sets of “customers”. Yes, the obvious are your Patients, they are your customers. But you also have other customers, mainly, your Team. I love calling them… Read more »