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Scott Manning with Dr. David Ahearn – Interview

Dr. David Ahearn is the founder of Design Ergonomics, the nation’s largest independent dental office design company, having helped 1,000’s of dentists achieve their Space & Equipment goals. Founded in 1993, DE continues to lead the industry in highly productive cost effective dental office design. For a free plan assessment and design consultation visit:

The Employee Retention Credit – Explained

by John A. Sanchez, CPA In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, congress passed several broad-sweeping legislative initiatives. Starting in March of 2020, the CARES Act was passed providing small businesses economic relief nationwide. Among the initiatives included in the legislation was the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Both initiatives were… Read more »

Creating The Winning Playbook

Did you appreciate last week’s tough love?  Ironically, the ones who don’t need it are the ones not bothered by it.  That’s because you understand the game you’re playing.  It’s not just about showing up or even “getting the job done” – it’s about so much more. You could say it’s about “making a difference”… Read more »

A Fun Team Activity That’ll Keep You Smiling

Keeping with the end of year theme – it’s important to remember that your team must stick together.  You know the holidays tend to be more stressful than other times and that can lead to people being distracted, temperamental, or just plain jovial. Among all of your responsibilities there is not one more important than… Read more »