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The Two Critical Money Principles That Matter Even More Right Now

Over the past several weeks, we’ve talked about combating the different economic situations we are experiencing and decisively heading into in the only way we know how… offensively, proactively, and positively. We began first with the aspect that matters most of all, which of course is, your mindset. You can choose to succumb to the… Read more »

“I Ain’t Afraid of No Recession!”

Yes, the long-awaited Halloween Edition of the Weekly Report is here. It’s more timely than ever because it’s a scary, spooky, strange world out there. The good news for you… your patients come to you. You don’t have to wander out into the unknown to get them. They’ll willingly walk right in. I said “willingly”… Read more »

A Practice Battle Plan to Beat the Recession

Last week, I provided advice as it relates to the recession… you had better go on offense, not play defense. Right now is not the time to sit back, watch things play out, wait for it dissipate, discount your fees, or further commoditize yourself. Really, there’s never a time for any of those things and… Read more »