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Back To School – Final Exam Review

Today, I want to finish up our Back To School Series with some a final exam review of our success factors that you can’t ever focus on enough (and actually risk losing sight of the most important principles in your practice without ever knowing why). As you know, the point of the past several Monday… Read more »

Back To School For Your Clinical Philosophy

Here we go, to round out our Back To School Monday Huddles we are talking about the literal foundation of everything that happens inside of your practice.  This is the origin of your existence and it defines the capabilities you have to help people. No matter how nice you are, how many people like you, or… Read more »

Back To School For Your Patients’ Health

Over the next two weeks we’re going to talk about how you bring to life dentistry inside of your practice.  This duality of the dentistry you do and how you connect with people. First, you create relationships with people, earn their trust, educate their minds, engage them emotionally, and show them a pathway to health.  Then you… Read more »

Back To School With Your Patient Experience

Our back to school topic this week is a BIG one.  While they are all vitally important and you can’t have one without the other, this one is an absolute difference maker. We’re talking about going back to school with your Patient Experience. Now, it’s important that you understand your patient experience (and your expectations for… Read more »

Back To School With Your Team

We are beginning our series on Back To School, as you would expect this time of year.  I gave you a bit of an orientation last week.  I hope you did the work.  Many did, as I got more comments than usual, which I read each and every single one of them.  Thank you to those who participated. Those… Read more »