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The Winner’s Mentality

Thank you for the great feedback last week.  I love it when you take a message and really run with it.  Some certainly do it better than others and that’s what separates the Champions. It is always so very interesting to me that the most successful Doctors, Teams, and Practices always strive to get the… Read more »

Creating The Winning Playbook

Did you appreciate last week’s tough love?  Ironically, the ones who don’t need it are the ones not bothered by it.  That’s because you understand the game you’re playing.  It’s not just about showing up or even “getting the job done” – it’s about so much more. You could say it’s about “making a difference”… Read more »

We Don’t Talk Enough About Losing

I don’t know any winner that is okay with ever losing.  That’s what they call a “writer-downer” and something worth remembering. It really is a fact of life.  If you allow losing to be an acceptable outcome then you will justify and make excuses every time things don’t go your way. Instead, what is required… Read more »

Want To Help More Patients? Fix This First…

Have you made your list yet?  You should have. It really ought to be posted up on the lunch room, all the most common excuses patients give you for not accepting treatment and choosing to get healthy. We’ve talked about this before.  I’ve encouraged it for years.  Have you done it and if not, why… Read more »