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It All Begins With This…

Thank you for the great feedback (which also came with some powerful and inspiring messages).  I’m grateful for your engagement and caring enough to want to help me help you be even better. I’m going to give it another week for any additional responses to my request for what you need more of each day… Read more »

Help Me Ring In The New Year

Welcome to the New Year!  But, it’s already not all that new anymore, now is it.  For some of you this is your first day back and others you’ve got a day or two under your belt.  Either way, the first week of the year has almost elapsed.  Oh, how time is fleeting. Many people… Read more »

Be Your Best In The New Year

Every year I challenge our great Doctors to think ahead over the next 12 months to ask themselves what they wish to be different and how they’d like to see themselves improve in the new year. I challenge you to do the same. The big difference in effective goal setting is in focusing on the… Read more »

Doing Well By Doing Good

Well, we are down to the home stretch.  Very few clinical days remain in the entire year of 2019.  You have just about made it.  The question, of course, is never about how you start, it is always about how you finish.  That’s not to say you are off the hook for beginning the New… Read more »

Making Your Lists and Checking Them Twice

Not to be all ‘bah humbug’ on you but I feel like a Scrooge when people don’t maximize their time and get enough things done.  Yes, you’re busy (especially this time of year) but busy doing what? If you can learn one thing from Santa, it’s that you need The List.  Without it, important priorities,… Read more »