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The 4 Ways Patients Experience Your Practice

We discuss a broad range of topics here in our weekly Monday Morning Huddles.  From concepts to activities, philosophy to strategy, and even specific questions to ask or phrases to use.  Today, I’d like to revisit a very important principle and use it to bring together much of what we’ve discussed over the past several weeks… Read more »

When a Patient’s “NO” Really Means “YES”

Today, we are going to play a game.  It’s one your kids likely play (to your dismay).  It’s called The Opposite Game. We’ve talked over the past couple weeks about patients who either resist treatment or maybe just take a little extra nudge to get them to the right decision for their health. Last week, I shared… Read more »

When To Draw A Line In The Sand With Patients

As I often say, there is way too much apologizing with patient conversations.  You don’t need to say you are sorry.  It’s not your fault for the state of their health or any other circumstance. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you don’t care and aren’t prepared to help.  It is very meaningful to be empathetic with your patients by… Read more »

The Proverb That Sums Up Patient Responsibility

Talk about leading a horse to water, I’m sure you feel like that with your patients sometimes.  It’s actually a very fitting proverb.  You tell them, you show them, you do everything you can to get them to understand and see the importance of what you are advising them to do and still, perhaps all… Read more »