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Helping Patients Say YES!

I write it right here every week in some form or another, giving you so many ways to help your patients get healthy and move forward with the necessary dentistry that will change their life. What else are we about, if not this? What else are we doing everyday, if not this? What else should… Read more »

The 3 Stages of Psychological Patient Buying

It’s fair to say that the most controversial debate between dentists is their approach and philosophy to proactive, preventative care and what their (your) role is in actually moving patients forward with their health. There are those who believe you present all treatment and those who believe you only provide acute emergency dental crisis management…. Read more »

Becoming a Decisive Dentist

There is nothing more costly in your life than being wasteful with time and opportunity. Money…replaceable. Time, will you never get back. Opportunity, gifted, created, received with the option of being capitalized on or squandered. Every single day in your life, in your practice you are faced with one word that summarizes what your role… Read more »