Your Biggest Profit Opportunity in 3 Small Changes

If there is one overriding complaint I hear from Dentists and their team in the back it is the mishandling of the schedule and lack of optimization and efficiency to support 1) your preferences 2) your most profitable flow and production schedule and 3) the most predictable and controllable daily collections. Make no mistake about… Read more »

How to Have a BLACK FRIDAY Every Week

Brace yourself. If you follow the advice in this weeks Profit Report you are in for the rush of Profits like a Retailer on Black Friday after Thanksgiving where people line up to throw money at you. Yes. It’s possible for effortless predictable accelerating profits each and every week in your Practice. I call it… Read more »

Eliminating Communication Problems…For Good.

I know you have heard the saying “You are only as strong as your weakest link.” Unfortunately for a Dental Practice there are many chains and that means many weak links. You have several chains just within the communication of your practice, front to back, admin to patients, clinical to patients, doctor to staff, hygiene… Read more »