Give Them Permission To Be Great and Room to Grow

Usually it’s not the lack of the Team’s ability to be great, it’s the lack of the leadership to be a catalyst for greatness. I know we all expect certain things from the people we employee to do the job, fulfill the responsibilities, and be accountable for the work they were hired to do. But…… Read more »

So, you say YOU want to be successful…

I am often asked what I experience as commonalities of dentists who do, have, become more than most. During my conversations with some of the most successful dentists in North America, I am constantly listening for the common traits and behaviors to surface. They typically all reinforce my belief that there are 3 underpinning philosophies,… Read more »

3 Steps To More Treatment… With Every Patient

This week we’re keeping it short and sweet. Please don’t let that fool you. There is power in simplicity for those who value results and progress, instead of just activity. We can agree there is nothing more important during your day than time with your patients. This is your opportunity to make a real difference… Read more »