The Way To “Outwitting the Devil”

You wake up every day deciding what to do. You have a need to build the future but a necessity of working the daily grind. You wonder what’s best, what’s next, where do you go from here. In the business of dentistry we struggle between chasing income and creating wealth. We choose between attending to… Read more »

Team Resolutions For the New Year

Here we are my friends…the New Year is only days away. How and what are you going to do differently, better this year?! Let’s be clear about something, different for the sake of it is no good, pointless and often the problem with successful people who plateau and end up with mediocre results because they… Read more »

The Magic of Believing…in Yourself!

Yes, it’s true. Maybe there is no other profession where the Doctor has a tendency to analyze and over-think just about every part of the business and day. While I don’t see this is a bad thing, after all, it’s what makes you, you. And my belief is always, that we never have to change… Read more »

3 Things to Do With Your Team before the New Year

One of the things that comes up so often during my Practice Prosperity and Blueprint Days is how to better lead, manage, inspire Your Team Members, or otherwise getting them on board for change and making necessary improvements. As the New Year approaches (in just over a week), there are three things that I recommend… Read more »