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“I’ll Just Call You Dr. Claus”

As we wind down the final days of the year, it’s critical to keep pedal to the metal and finish as strong as possible to lay the foundation for making 2024 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER. In that spirit, I’ve already shared the critical importance of having the “MAGIC NUMBER” for your practice, as well as fully… Read more »

The Simple Secret About “VALUE” … That Enables You to Enjoy a Practice That Inevitably Delivers the Freedom, Prosperity, and Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted and Deserve

As you enter the final stretch of 2023, it’s time to firmly plant a stake in ground that there are certain things you will no longer accept as “standard operating procedure” within your practice for 2024 and beyond. Last week, I explained the critical importance of NOT allowing yourself to progress into the future without… Read more »