Posts By: Scott J Manning, MBA

Break the 5 Curses Haunting Your Future

Throughout this month we’ve talked about all the things that hold people back. The guilt. The fear. The self-doubt. The feelings of not being worthy or deserving. The biggest thing that gets in doctors’ ways is lying to themselves that things are ‘okay’ or ‘good enough’ when it simply gives them an excuse to be… Read more »

Time to Rid Your Practice of the Spooky Energy

As we come off Friday the 13th and edge closer Halloween, it is vital to your own well-being and success that you are aware of your own superstitious attitudes, behaviors, and deep-rooted beliefs. These come out as preconceived ideas, pessimistic inclinations, or even sabotaging actions that circumvent all of your good intentions and grand ambitions…. Read more »

Achieving Consistent Team Dentistry Success

Last week, we discussed how to build a team of Champions. Now, we turn our attention to how you can ensure they deliver a consistent performance and deliver predictable success month after month. When you think about it, how much of your practice operations do you not deal with at all during any given day?… Read more »