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The Greatest Gift You Can Give

What an honor it is for me to be able to write you this message today.  Wishing you all the best of the Holiday Season and a special Merry Christmas. Of course, there is no one to share this message with today at your office.  So instead, I would just remind you of something that… Read more »

Developing a Great Offense In Your Practice

In your practice, each day your goal is to help patients get healthy and you do a beautiful job at it.  I like to think of this as being creators! You are creators of beautiful smiles, healthy mouths and confident patients.  And of course, depending on what all you do in your practice, the list… Read more »

To Be Great You Must Embrace This Dirty Word…

Selling. You have got to sell everyday all day with every person who walks in.  Though it’s not what you think and not in the way you think about it.  Actually, it’s much different… You sell with your words Also your actions You sell with your experience Also your teamwork You sell with your environment… Read more »