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Is Your Doctor Guilty of This? [Part 2]

I’m not being harsh on our Doctors.  Trust me, you all can improve at this.  So, we aren’t just singling them out on this one. When we are working at helping patients, we want to keep their focus on the main thing; which is NOT money, NOT insurance, NOT anything other than a health-based decision…. Read more »

Is Your Doctor Guilty of This? [Part 1]

It’s always with the best of intentions… but you know where those get you, now don’t ya. This is perhaps the biggest flaw that is all too common with every Doctor’s engagement with a patient.  It comes in different shapes and sizes with each different approach to communication but the end result is all the… Read more »

The Real Reason Patients Use The Money Excuse

You have probably heard the saying, “A confused customer never buys.”  Technically, someone isn’t a ‘customer’ until they buy just like you don’t really have a patient when they just come in and visit.  They have to actually do something.  Exam, cleaning, ideally dentistry. Just coming in and going through the motions doesn’t make them… Read more »

The Secret To Helping Patients Excitedly Say “Yes!”

Today, I’m going to give you a very special and useful secret to influencing more patients to move forward with their pathways to health (treatment plans).  The patients will actually and naturally desire to do the dentistry that they deserve. So often we present treatment as if it’s just ‘information’ not as if it’s actually… Read more »

The Power of Assumption – Part 2

Of course, you know where I’m going with this given last week’s message.  Assumptions are both good and bad depending on which way you point them. If you are assuming the worst then the worst is often what you are going to get.  You know the person who is always having a bad day and… Read more »